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The Salty Endeavors’ Dive Shop

Our dive shop is located in the parking lot of Puerto Abrigo on the north side of Cozumel (if you are trying to locate us please view this link). Our location could not be more ideal. Our boat is at water’s edge on the first pier – no walking over a mile from the parking lot in search of a boat (If you have ever tried to locate a dive center’s boat in the south harbor, you know exactly the disaster I’m referring to). Likewise, all our gear is located just steps away.

dive shop

Waterfront in the Harbor

Our shop is a custom designed 24′ cargo trailer. In the trailer we maintain all our gear and everything we need to ensure a flawless dive trip for you.

No matter your location on the island we are ready to service you! Divers staying to the north can reach our harbor in 5 minutes or less, often by foot, but most certainly with ease by car. Divers staying in downtown San Miguel or anywhere south can be picked up at any of several public and private piers as we travel south from the harbor (contact us to see which pier is nearest you for pick-up).

We are ready for you!

A full line of equipment is ready for sizing and submerging. We utilize piston-balanced first stage regulators, second stage regulators with a swivel, buoyancy compensators with rear inflate doughnut bladders and integrated weight pockets, short and full length 3mm wetsuits, and open heel fins with boots. For more information and updates on new gear, gear updates, and gear maintenance, please give our blog a read under the category Gear Updates.

dive shop
dive shop

Solar Energy

Our shop is 100% dependent upon solar energy, quite possibly making us the only shop in Cozumel utilizing renewable resources within the dive center. Protecting our environment for generations to come is part of our commitment to being the best dive center we can be.

Our shop also offers several logo’d merchandise options for purchase!

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