Open Water SCUBA Certification – e-Learning

I want to start today!

If you want to knock out a lot of the classroom portion of your Open Water course prior to arriving in Cozumel, the e-Learning option is something to consider. This does save precious vacation time  – essentially 1.5 days worth – and for many people you’d rather be diving or doing other fun stuff instead of sitting in a classroom on your vacation. If you enroll today you can begin class immediately from the comfort of your own home. With that portion complete before you arrive you can focus on the water portion and have more time for relaxation.

* e-Learning is available for both PADI and SSI.  Our staff is certified to teach both PADI and SSI accredited certifications. Not sure which is the best certifying agency for you? Contact us and we’ll help you decide!

Typical e-Learning Open Water SCUBA Certification Course Schedule

  • Morning 1 ~ 9am – 1pm Brief review of knowledge and in the pool for skills
  • Lunch 1pm -2:15pm
  • Afternoon 1 ~ 2:30pm – 7pm in the ocean for dives 1 & 2
  • Morning 2 ~ 9am – 1pm in the classroom and/or pool (typically not required)
  • Lunch 1pm – 2:15pm
  • Afternoon 2 ~ 2:30pm – 7pm in the ocean dives 3 & 4
  • Morning 3 ~ 9am – 1pm in the classroom and/or pool (typically not required)
  • Lunch 1pm – 2:15pm
  • Afternoon 3 ~ 2:30pm – 7pm in the ocean for your first two certified dives! (not included in the price of tuition)

Our on-site classroom is complete with unlimited purified water, flat screen Hi-Def television, comfortable recliner seating, and perhaps most importantly – quality air conditioning. The “classroom” portion of your class will be dictated upon how well you learned the material on your own. It could be very brief, less than 30 minutes, or over the course of several mornings if additional study and review is needed or desired.

Our on-site pool reaches a maximum depth of 2 meters and functions as the ideal place to take your first breathes underwater. The environment is ideal for learning on many levels – comfortable atmosphere, zero distractions, and zero currents. Here your instructor will teach you over 20 skills which are paramount in your evolution as a SCUBA diver.

Finally the class will move to the ocean for your four (4) open water dives. Usually we start with our first two (2) dives as shore dives and complete dives 3 & 4 from the boat. The combination of shore dives and boat dives provides you with an excellent opportunity to broaden your known and experience for multiple types of SCUBA diving. Each dive you will demonstrate proficiency in various skills which you learned in the pool. After the fourth completed dive, provided you have already passed your written exam, you will have earned your new SCUBA certification and be a new diver!


SCUBA Certification Class Tuition Includes:

  • All classroom materials
  • e-book
  • Instruction
  • Use of rental equipment
  • Use of pool
  • Air fills
  • Processing fee
  • Lifetime certification
Phone Numbers
  • Toll-free from North America
    • 844 – SCUBA – CZ (844-728-2229)
  • Local Mexican Number
    • 987-111-9138
    • WhatsApp +521-987-111-9138 
      • Must include the + symbol
  • Para espanol
    • 987-112-4089 
    • WhatsApp +521-987-112-4089 
      • Must include the + symbol


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