Cenote Diving in Riviera Maya

Coming to Cozumel but want to get in a few cenote dives on the mainland? We can help! 

After enjoying a few days of Cozumel, sneaking in a cenote diving excursion is a sure way to tick off one more “bucket list” item. You will be required to take the 8am ferry departing Cozumel (not included in pricing) and meet our Cavern Guide at our shop in Playa del Carmen. From there we will provide transportation to and from your cenotes. 

Already in Playa del Carmen? Great! Saves you the time and expense of the ferry ride. Simply meet at our Playa del Carmen location and off we go! 

Is Cenote Diving for me? 

If you are an Open Water certified scuba diver, the answer is “Yes!” The Riviera Maya offers a broad selection of cenote diving to choose from, which promises something for all skill level of divers. From newly certified open water divers to highly experienced certified cave divers, we have you covered. Due to rules and regulations for diving the cenotes, we recommend first a day or more of diving in the ocean to get your buoyancy dialed in. Once we have your buoyancy sorted, then we head to mainland to experience dives which are truly unique and unlike anywhere else worldwide. 

Is it Safe?

In short, yes! First, it is important to note the diffrences between cavern dives and cave dives. In a cavern dive all divers are < at all times > one minute or less from swimming to the surface. Likewise, you will always be able to see your way out and to the surface by following natural sunlight. Additionally, we are not swimming through any tight restrictions. Finally, while you may be a newly Open Water certified, all Cavern Dive Guides MUST BE a fully certified cave diver. Furthermore, Cavern Guides will be in technical gear with multiple cylinders for extra air (you will be in standard recreational scuba gear with a single backmount tank per normal). 

Safety is paramount and our first priority. Both for you and for the delicate environment you are diving. Because of this, if our Cavern Guide feels at any time uncomfortable with your skill level or buoyancy, local regulations dictate they cancel the dive in the interest in safety for all.

Join us for cenote diving in Playa del Carmen

Pricing for Cenote Diving 

All our cenote excursions are 2-tank adventures. We have two options – Classic and Select. Both packages include the same amentities and attention to detail. However, the select package includes cenotes which are a bit further to access and thus require more fuel. 

Please Note: Prices listed below do NOT include the cenote entrace fee. Entrance fees vary by cenote and are listed a bit further down this page for reference. These fees are your responsibility, and can only be paid for in cash (peso is best as local dollar exchange rate will not be in your favor). 

Complete List of Cenotes to choose from:

Cenote Category Minimum Certification Entry Fee Number of dives possible
Dos Ojos (Barbie line & Bat cave) Classic OW $400mxn 2
1x Pit + 1x Dos Ojos (Barbie line) Select AOW $600mxn 2
1x Pit + 2x Dos Ojos (Barbie line & Bat cave) * Ask AOW $600mxn 3
Chikin-Ha Classic OW $350mxn 1 or 2
Eden Classic OW $300mxn 1
Tajma-Ha Classic OW $300mxn 1 or 2
Chac Mool (Kukulkan & Little Brother) Classic OW $250mxn 1 or 2
Angelita Select AOW $350mxn 1
Car wash Select OW $300mxn 1
Casa cenote Select OW $200mxn 1
Dreamgate Select OW $380mxn 1 or 2
Nicte Ha Select OW $400mxn 1
Pit + Nicte Ha Select AOW $600mxn 2
Tac Be Luum Select OW $300mxn 1
Taak Bi Ha Select OW $300mxn 1

Note: A 3-tank excursion is possible by doing one dive at The Pit and two dives at Doj Ojos. Ask us for pricing. 

A Little Confused on Which to Choose?

No worries, we can help! If this is your first time diving cenotes and are Open Water certified, our suggestion is Garden of Eden and Tajma-Ha for one dive each, or doing two dives at Dos Ojos. 

If you are Advanced Open Water certified, we might recommend taking your dives at Dos Ojos, The Pit, or even Angelita. 

Cenote diving in Mexico Chikin Ha