Our Rental Gear

Our number one goal in our rental gear was giving our guests the safest and most comfortable rental gear available. Comfort is a huge part of enjoying your diving and we did not want cheap, uncomfortable gear to be causing you discomfort at any time. Our rental gear is available for a cost of $20 per day and includes all necessary equipment – the buoyancy compensator, regulator, mask, fins, boots, snorkel, and wet suit. Flashlights (torches) and camera rentals are also available for an additional fee.

The Cylinders

Most dive centers of Cozumel rent their cylinders, but Salty Endeavors owns all the cylinders you will use. Do you want Nitrox? Or perhaps a small 60 cu.ft., or maybe an over-sized 100 cu.ft. aluminum cylinder? Yeah, we have that, too. Owning our own cylinders gives us the opportunity to ensure they are maintained in optimum operational condition. O-rings are changed as needed, all industry inspections are up to date, and we know the tanks are clean of debris because if by accident a tank is emptied of pressure it is quickly sent in for service, not returned to the stack of rentals knowing it’ll get lost in the shuffle. We own the cylinders – you have the confidence of clean, safe air. All our cylinders are filled by our own fill station, owned and operated by Salty Endeavors. If you’d like to read more, we have a blog about the purchase and preparation of our new cylinders

  • Both DIN and Yoke are available in Aluminum 63, 80, and 100 cu.ft. sizes. 

The Buoyancy Compensator

Salty Endeavors owns BC’s in sizes XS – XXL. Our BC’s were custom made per our specifications by Aquatic Performance to ensure our rental jackets are as comfortable as possible. These jackets are new as of July 2017. We wrote a blog about them when they arrived – give it a read for additional photos and a detailed description. We think you’ll agree we have some nice jackets for rent!

The Regulators

It starts with clean cylinders and clean air, then it takes precision equipment to get it to you reliably, smoothly. We have choose Aquatic Performance regulators as our preferred rental equipment. These regulators are diaphragm balanced to delivered your air easily at a consistent ambient pressure at all air pressures and depths. No “straw-sucking” for air when using our rental gear!  When the first set arrived we wrote up a blog about them – give it a read for more details and photos so you understand what makes these regulators different from normal rentals.


All our fins are open-heel fins, providing you with easy sizing for maximum comfort. The majority of our fins are Mares Avanti. Fins are available in sizes XS (USA Mens 4) through XL (USA Mens 14). Smaller fins and children’s sizes are available only in closed-heel style.


For the comfort and safety of our divers, all rental fins will include appropriately sized 3mm ankle-height neoprene boots. Boots are available in sizes USA Mens size 4 through USA Mens size 14. Additionally, we have 3mm neoprene socks available in all sizes.


For a good portion of the year a simple rash guard is all the protection you need to dive Cozumel, but once the water temperature begins to drop it’s good to know we have wetsuits available for your use. We have new shorty 3mm wetusits as of early 2017 in sizes XS – XXXL, plus full length wetsuits in most sizes available from XXS – XXXL. To ensure a comfortable fit we highly recommend you come to our shop on your first day of diving with us to try on multi sizes and styles.

Flashlight / Torch

We are very pleased to present the Tovatec Fusion 260 as our rental torches. This light is a small, lightweight torch which is perfect for day diving and searching crevices or swim throughs, or as your primary torch on a night dive in our ultra-clear water. The light includes an adjustable beam angle from 12˚ » 100˚ degrees. Wide angel or spot focus – this light can do both! The 4 way slide switch is an easy-to-use on/off and despite the small package the lamp has a 260 lumen output.

*There is a $10 rental fee per day with the torch.
**The torch is included in any Continuing Education Night dives at no additional cost.

GoPro Underwater Camera

We offer the GoPro Hero 4 Silver for rental. The camera captures 1080p60 and 720p120 video with life like clarity, plus 12MP photos at a staggering 30 frames per second. The rear view LCD screen allows for perfect centering of your subject. It is waterproof to 131’ (40m). We custom built a tray with dual hand grips to make steady footage a breeze and also an ideal mount system for dual Tovatec Fusion 260 lights, which bring out the color in a reef. Also included is the red filter lens and macro lens. A perfect setup to capture memories for  a lifetime! We include 2 fully charged batteries to ensure you can capture every minute of both your dives. We supply a 32 gig memory card in camera. You can bring your own back-up media of at least 32 gigs (per rental day) for us to save the raw data to, or we can send you the files via FTP online.

*The is a $40 fee per day to rent the camera.
**Videographer services available upon request.

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