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We would love to hear from you! If you’d like to contact Salty Endeavors you may use the form below and we will respond via e-mail as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you may connect with us on your favorite social media platform using the links provided below. You can also reach us by phone toll-free from the USA. If we do not answer immediately it is likely we are out SCUBA diving! We’ll return your message as soon as we need unload some nitrogen so please be patient.

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We encourage you to contact us by phone should you wish to speak with us prior to completing your reservation or to complete your reservation over the phone. We have a number of ways to contact us – dial from within the USA or Mexico, WhatsApp, e-mail, plus of course a host of social media applications. Whichever is easiest for you is the best way to contact us! 

By Phone

  • To reach Henry Schultz
    • Call from within the USA (312) 757-6167
    • Call from Mexico (987) 111-9138
    • WhatsApp Free International text and calling +521-987-111-9138
  • Para espanol
    • Mariana Verdin (987) 112-4089
    • WhatsApp +521-987-112-4089

Call Us By Phone @

Call from USA (312) 757 - 6167
Call from Mexico 987 - 111 - 9138
WhatsApp Free International text and calling +521 - 987 - 111 - 9138

Para espanol
Desde  Mexico 987 - 112 - 4089
WhatsApp +521 - 987 - 112 - 4089

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Cozumel SCUBA diving
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