The Best Fishing Charter for an Unforgettable Experience

​If you’re an avid angler or simply looking to cast your line in some crystal-clear turquoise waters, Cozumel is the perfect destination for an unforgettable fishing experience. Situated off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, this picturesque island offers some of the best deep sea and offshore fishing opportunities in the Caribbean. From chasing after trophy-sized marlin to reeling in the delicious and abundant mahi-mahi, Cozumel fishing charters cater to both seasoned fishermen and beginners alike. So, get ready to embark on an exhilarating fishing adventure, as we guide you through the best Cozumel fishing charters for an unforgettable escapade on the open water.

Billfish in Cozumel

Why Cozumel is a Deep Sea Fishing Paradise 

​Cozumel is not only known for its beautiful beaches and scuba diving the vibrant coral reefs but also for being a fishing paradise. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just beginning to cast your line, Cozumel offers a bountiful array of fishing opportunities that are truly unmatched. One of the reasons why Cozumel is a fishing paradise is its prime location in the Caribbean Sea, providing easy access to a wide variety of fish species.

Offshore fishing in Cozumel is particularly popular and attracts anglers from around the world. With its deep waters and strong currents, Cozumel offers the perfect conditions for catching big game fish such as marlin, sailfish, and mahi-mahi. The thrill of reeling in these powerful creatures is an experience like no other. The ideal time for offshore fishing in Cozumel is between March and July, when the waters are teeming with these incredible marine species.

Another reason why Cozumel is a fishing paradise is the availability of experienced and knowledgeable guides. Local guides not only know the best fishing spots but also possess a deep understanding of the behavior and feeding patterns of various fish. They will ensure that you have the best possible chance of making a memorable catch during your fishing expedition.

In addition to offshore fishing, Cozumel is also renowned for its exceptional fly fishing and bottom fishing. The crystal-clear waters around the island allow for excellent visibility, making it easier to spot and target specific fish species. Whether you prefer the excitement of offshore fishing or the tranquility of fly fishing, Cozumel has something to offer for everyone.

With its stunning natural beauty and abundant marine life, it’s no wonder why Cozumel is considered a fishing paradise. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a peaceful day out on the water, Cozumel’s diverse fishing opportunities are sure to leave you hooked. So grab your fishing gear, head to Cozumel, and get ready for an unforgettable fishing experience in this tropical haven.

Family fishing in Cozumel

Pricing for Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel

We offer two options for offshore fishing – Half Day (4 hours) or Full Day (8 hours). Both options offer the same amentities and attention to detail. The only difference the amount of time we are our at sea fishing, and the full day charter adds lunch out at sea. Price listed is for up to six (6) adults. If you have more than six people let us know and we can accomodate everyone. 

Catch of the Day: Popular Fish in Cozumel Waters 

Offshore fishing in Cozumel is a thrilling experience, where anglers can try their luck at reeling in some of the most popular fish species found in these waters. Dorado, also known as mahi-mahi, is highly sought after by both locals and visitors alike. With their striking colors and acrobatic performances, catching a dorado is often a prized achievement.

Another popular fish found off the shores of Cozumel is the elusive sailfish. Known for their speed and spectacular jumps, these magnificent creatures provide a thrilling challenge to anglers. Catching a sailfish off the coast of Cozumel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many fishing enthusiasts dream of.

For those looking to savor the taste of local delights, the local snapper, or pargo, is a must-try when visiting Cozumel. With its delicate white flesh and sweet flavor, pargo is a favorite among seafood lovers. Whether grilled, baked, or prepared in traditional Mexican dishes, this locally caught fish allows visitors to indulge in the island’s culinary heritage.

Join us for cenote diving in Playa del Carmen
Join us for cenote diving in Playa del Carmen

Gear Up: Essential Equipment for Fishing in Cozumel

​When it comes to fishing in Cozumel, having the right gear can make all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, equipping yourself with the essential equipment is the key to a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. And we have all the bases covered for you. 

It begins with our boat. The Albatros is a 42 foot Chris Craft luxury offshore fishing yacht powered by twin Caterpillar turbo diesel engines. With a large open deck and solid fighting chair with adjustable foot and arm rests, we provide you an excellent platform to reel in your trophy. The Albatros also has a walk-in head (restroom) and a kitchen.  Additionally, we provide the always relaible Penn International rod and reel combo, plus a selection of quality lures which are carefully selected for offshore fishing in Cozumel. 

Lastly, we won’t forget to pack a reliable cooler for your Cozumel fishing adventure. Keeping your catches fresh and chilled is essential, especially when fishing off shore. This will ensure the quality and taste of your fish remains top-notch until you arrive back on land. And naturally, we recommend having Buccanos at Night prepare your fresh catch (not inlcuded in the price of your fishing charter). Let us make dinner reservations for you! 



Our Deep Sea Fishing Adventure departs from Abrigo Harbor

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