Rescue Diver Certification

Are you prepared for an emergency? Who is the Rescue Diver of your group?

Perhaps the most important class you could complete in your SCUBA training.

Salty Endeavors firmly believes all divers which actively participate in the sport should be Rescue Diver certified. Do not be confused, this is a stressful and tiring class. If you don’t finish the day exhausted, finish the class a small bit sore, then we didn’t do our job.

But completion of the Rescue Diver course comes with a sense of pride, satisfaction, and confidence. Pride in that you are now a Rescue Diver and are prepared to help out your dive buddies should the event arise. Satisfaction because you have the knowledge and skills to act in the event of an emergency. And finally confidence because if / when you are put into a stressful situation you are capable of handling it with ease.

Typical Rescue Diver SCUBA Certification  Class Schedule

  • Morning 1 ~ 9am – 1pm in classroom
    Lunch ~ 1pm – 2:15pm
    Afternoon ~ 2:30pm – 7pm confined water skills
    Evening ~ Self study
  • Morning 2 ~ 9am – 1pm in classroom
    Lunch ~ 1pm – 2:15pm
    Afternoon ~ 2:30pm – 7pm open water skills
  • Morning 3 ~ 9am – 1pm in classroom (if required)

Our on-site classroom is complete with unlimited purified water, flat screen Hi-Def television, comfortable recliner seating, and perhaps most importantly – quality air conditioning. The “classroom” portion of your class will include a 1 hour 30 minute video presentation, in addition to the textbook. Combined those two media will prepare you for your initial Knowledge Reviews – a series of questions following each of the five (5) chapters. Once each student has demonstrated thorough understanding of the materials the instructor will administer the 50 question exam, which also while have a thorough review period after each student has finished. In conclusion, each student will have a take-home assignment to be returned on the second day of class, or by e-mail if necessary.

The Rescue Diver class will have a confined water portion done off the shore. In this segment of the class we exercise the new life-saving skills you came to us to learn. We will discuss and roll play nearly a dozen different scenarios including panicked diver at the surface and underwater. You will sleep well this evening.

Finally we take your new life-saving skills to the deep water and simulate real life-threatening scenarios. The class will culminate with you becoming aware of a lost diver and taking control of the situation. Hopefully not long thereafter your locate an unresponsive diver at depth. The skill finishes once our unresponsive diver has been brought onto shore or a boat with CPR and Oxygen administered.

Rescue Diver SCUBA Certification Tuition Includes:

  • All classroom materials
  • Textbook
  • Instruction
  • Air fills
  • One (1) confined water skills development dive
  • Two (2) open water skills demonstration dives
  • Certification processing fee

*Please note equipment rental is extra.

CPR / EFR classes for adults and children, and Emergency Oxygen Provider courses are offered for an additional fee and will be offered at the time of booking. Please choose from the available options below.