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Find Salty Endeavors at the Marina

Puerto Abrigo (or less commonly called “Marina Banco Playa” and “The North Harbor”) is where our boat, gear, and satellite office are located. Our boat departs from here at the scheduled departure times, and will return here after each dive trip is complete. If you plan to meet us at the harbor for your dive trips we request you to meet us here 15 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time. If you have a rental car or scooter rest assured there is secure parking available at no additional cost.  It is best to come directly to our trailer when you first arrive into the harbor, where we can ensure you have all the equipment you need, sign waivers, and complete payment.

Salty Endeavors

For a complete 360 degree perspective on the drive to the harbor, please watch the below video. For reference, we begin the video in downtown San Miguel on Av. Rafael E. Melgar at the Playa del Carmen > Cozumel Passenger Ferry pier and head north from there. This is 360 degree video – you have full control of where to look in all directions. We suggest watching it the video in full screen mode, watch it once without touching controls so you get the “heads up” view, then watch a second time where you take control of the view and look around to find your landmarks. Enjoy!

Information to provide your taxi driver

Puerto Abrigo Gate 3. I stress Gate 3. Many taxi drivers will want to drop you off at the main entrance, which is Gate 2. Getting dropped at Gate 2 will require a 5 – 10 minute walk to our boat, which of course you want to avoid. If your driver is unfamiliar with the Gate 3 entrance, perhaps telling him to pass the lighthouse and castle will assist his memory. Once you pass the lighthouse and castle you’ll turn left to enter the parking lot of the marina. Most often the taxi will enter the gated area and stop. No worries! As you enter the harbor straight ahead of you is our boat, and to your right in the gravel parking lot is our mobile office / trailer. It’s best to meet us at the trailer.

Driving to Puerto Abrigo

If you have a rental vehicle on the island, driving to Puerto Abrigo is quite quick and easy. We have provided you both with a google map pin drop location, as well as videos of the drive to the harbor. If you are staying in downtown San Miguel or any location to the south you will want to head east until you reach the waterfront road called Av. Rafael E. Melgar. From there you would need to turn right heading north and continue past the airport. If you look to the map above you will see you continue around a large bend in the road to where you’ll need to turn left entering the turnabout. Pay close attention to the map and our video in this section as it can be confusing the first time you approach the area. Your aim is for what appears on the map as a dead end. As you will see in the video you’ll drive past the lighthouse and at the end of the road enter the security gate of the harbor.  

Find Salty Endeavors at the Classroom

This map and directions are provided for anyone needing to locate our main office for classroom or pool work as part of your SCUBA certification. Please note we do not maintain office personnel at this location so we are only present here before and after the day’s classroom tutoring. We provide this map primarily to help you find us on the morning of your pool skills. If you wish to meet us here at any time other than scheduled class time we highly suggest making prior arrangements with us to ensure we will be there and available to assist you.

Information to provide your taxi driver:

65 avenida entre 21 y 23 Calle

We are the orange building with brown aluminum doors located directly across from a large pharmacy. Please knock loudly on the single door marked with the address number 1380.

If you are coming from in town you should expect to pay 40 peso for up to 4 people. Otherwise, please use the image below to locate your tax fare price.

Cozumel Travel FAQ

Driving to the pool:

If you have access to a mapping software on your smart phone you can enter our address of 65 avenida entre 21 y 23 Calle and see if that matches our map above. Please note some GPS maps do not recognize 65 avenida but instead refer to the street as 8 de Octubre. Please do not let this get you lost!

It is probably easiest to follow the route up Ave. Andres Q.Roo (also called Calle 11) and turn right onto 65 ave (also called 8 de Octubre). As you travel south each cross street goes up by 2, thus you’ll pass 13, 15, 17, 19, and finally 21. We are sandwiched between 21 and 23 directly on 65 ave. We are across the street from a large pharmacy. You can give our video below a watch to help familiarize yourself with the location.

Prefer to call us?

Call from USA (312) 757 - 6167
From Mexico dial 987 - 111 - 9138
WhatsApp Free International text and calling +521 - 987 - 111 - 9138

Para espanol
Desde  Mexico 987 - 112 - 4089
WhatsApp +521 - 987 - 112 - 4089

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