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Cozumel SCUBA Diving at it’s Finest!

Cozumel SCUBA diving is all about drifting effortlessly across the magnificent coral reefs surrounding Cozumel, with VIP service from the friendliest, most experienced and knowledgeable dive staff in Cozumel SCUBA diving.

Dive Today!

Even if you have never enjoyed Cozumel SCUBA diving before our experienced staff in ready to prepare you for your first underwater experience. Within hours of your arrival we’ll have you swimming with the fishes and enjoying the best of Cozumel SCUBA diving. No experience necessary!



The day begins in our training pool and after you learn a  few skills, familiarize yourself with your equipment, and take your first underwater breathes, you’ll be ready for some Cozumel SCUBA diving. By the end of the afternoon you’ll have completed your first two ocean dives and no doubt will be a SCUBA addict for life!

Small Groups

Ideal for our certified divers and students alike, we have a maximum of six divers plus staff on our boat. This means you can be assured you’ll always have personalized attention and when underwater you’ll see more fish than people.




Students love our low ratios of Instructors-to-students. We have a maximum of 1:6, but often times we’ll work 1:2 or 1:4 ratio. Reserved private classes are also available.

Certified divers love our low Divemaster-to-diver ration, which never exceeds 1:6. This ensures all divers get to experience the VIP treatment, above and below Private charters also available!

Family Fun

We can provide services from the young to the young at heart. SCUBA can begin at 10 years of age with our Junior Open Water SCUBA diver program – full certification for those aged 10-13 years of age. Children of 8-10 years of age can participate in our Bubblemaker program – essentially snorkeling at the surface in full SCUBA gear.

To the opposite end, we’ve taught students into their late 70’s, and regularly have certified divers well into the late 70’s with us. If you desire to go SCUBA diving chances are we can make that happen. Age is not a limiting factor!

Bring the entire family to enjoy Cozumel SCUBA diving!

Expert Instruction

We believe having a highly experienced staff is paramount to our success and your enjoyment. As a result, we’ve put together perhaps the most experienced and knowledgeable staff Cozumel has to offer. Between our three on staff instructors we have combined for over 2000 Open Water Certifications, plus thousands more continuing education and Discover Scuba programs, not to mention over 35,000 logged dives of our own.

Our Instructors are accredited by the Professional Association of Scuba Instructors (PADI), Scuba Schools International (SSI), Scuba Diving International (SDI), and/or Technical Diving International (TDI). We do not employ Divemasters – the entry level rating of the SCUBA profession. All of our staff members are certified to a Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating or higher.

You simply won’t find a more experienced staff!

Welcome to Salty Endeavors

We are not a tour company specializing in many activities for the tourist. We do one thing, Cozumel SCUBA diving, and our aim is to do it at an exceptionally high level. We are passionate about diving and we want to pass our love, enthusiasm, and knowledge for the sport unto our guests.

All of our staff share a genuine love for the ocean and it’s animals, and you will get to experience this firsthand. We have captive bred marine fish, managed reef restoration coral farm facilities in both greenhouses and in situ, and taught locals how to scuba properly and collect sustainably – all on a volunteer basis because of our love for the reef.

Beyond our love of the ocean, we also love to share it with everyone! All our staff have many years work experience in not only Cozumel SCUBA diving, but the SCUBA diving industry worldwide. Our three staff instructors combine to have taught more than 2000 people how to enjoy Cozumel SCUBA diving, and to date have enjoyed over 35,000 dives.

Our passion and enthusiasm for diving is infectious; our instructing and tutoring is unparalleled; our appetite for more knowledge remains unquenched. It is our desire to share this with anyone searching for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. To begin your underwater experience, contact us today.

Fun Diving

Fun diving for our certified divers is why Cozumel is “on the map.” Our covered/shaded boats are geared for maximum comfort while our staff provides complete valet service start to finish. With it’s maximum capacity of 6 divers plus staff you can be assured of a fast ride to the dive sites and once underwater plenty of room to avoid bumping into other divers.

With morning, afternoon, and evening boats 365 days of the year, and reservations accepted for single or multiple seats, as well as private charters for groups, we are ready to submerge you up to 5 times daily!

Cozumel SCUBA Instruction

We offer SCUBA instruction for the beginner to the advanced diver. If you’ve never been SCUBA diving previously we can start you in our Discover SCUBA program where we can get you enjoying the underwater world of Cozumel on the same day.

For those looking to become SCUBA certified, we offer online e-Learning options which are holiday time savers allowing you to complete the classroom portion before you arrive – effectively saving you one day of training time. You can begin reading your textbook today without paying a deposit!

We start advanced-level training classes nearly every day with programs from Advanced Open Water to Divemaster and everything in between. We feel every diver should be Rescue trained and EANx certified, but our favorite classes to teach are Navigation, Buoyancy, and Wreck. All classes available with online e-Learning!

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Our Team

The key to any solid operation is having the right team members. Salty Endeavors has hand-picked it’s team members to ensure you are getting the very best Cozumel SCUBA diving experience possible. Henry has the biology background, Ray brings nearly 30 years of Cozumel dive experience, Aries his military background. All three combine account for over 2000 students and nearly 35,000 dives! Combined with Mariana in the office and Domingo with his 30 years at the helm, we know we’re bringing you the best possible foundation for unforgettable diving vacation.

The Shop

We actually dragged our shop to Cozumel all the way from Chicago. It made a heck of a story which I no doubt will share in the blog someday. But for now, our shop is a 28 foot long cargo trailer which Henry personally custom designed and built to his specifications. It is 100% solar powered and not just packed full of our toys, but also ready to entertain with tables, chairs, and a sun awning. It’s a great place to watch the sun set as we chat about the day’s diving over a few cold ones.

Rental Equipment

Your safety depends not only on our dive team, but also upon the equipment you will be using. This is why all our equipment has been hand selected by Henry, and in some cases custom built per his specifications. We want you to have nothing but the utmost confidence and comfort in the equipment you are renting from us. Rear-inflate, weight-integrated jackets, piston-balanced first stage regulators, swivel-assisted second stage regulators, quick-glide straps with secure-lock buckles, double tank bands, integrated trim weight pockets, the list goes on…

The Blog

We’ve created our blog to help share our story and passion for diving. We utilize it on many fronts – all our staff are asked to publish their daily dive logs. Additionally, you can look forward to Henry getting verbose on animal biology, Aries loves to talk about equipment and training techniques, while Ray is our Cozumel historian. Plus of course many photos, videos and more ideas forthcoming!

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