Beginner & Entry Level Classes

We offer a number of options for trying scuba, becoming certified for scuba, refreshing your skils, or entry-level continuing education. Choose from the following options:

Try Scuba

No experience necessary. 1-day exprience. No certification.

Open Water

No experience necessary. Full certification class. Begin with eLearning at home today. 

Open Water Referral

Start your Open Water at home. Finish it in Cozumel with us.


Continue your diving education.

Try Mermaid

Try being a Mermaid. Not a certification.


For certified diver that have not dove for awhile.

Enriched Air Nitrox

Increase your bottom time, safety, and no-decompresison limit. 

Try Freediving

No expereince necessary. One day Try Freediving program. No certification.

Freedive Level 1

Learn to freedive. Full certification class.


Become a Mermaid. Full certification class.