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Cozumel Dive Sites

Salty Endeavors visits all the Cozumel dive sites located around the island. Most of these dive sites are easy to get to and ideal for new and advanced divers with their clear water, gentle soft currents, and abundance of fish. These sites include Villa Blanca wall south to San Francisco reef. Palancar and portions of Colombia are also ideal dive locations for all divers. However, some Cozumel dive sites are reserved only for expert divers. These sites include Santa Rosa, portions of Colombia, all of Punta Sur and Maracaibo, plus San Juan and all sites to the north of San Juan. For these particular dive locations Salty Endeavors reserves the right to enforce a minimum number of dives two (2) or more dives with us prior to making diving at these more challenging locations. This is for the protection of both us and you. Please note some Cozumel dive sites will require a fuel surcharge and / or a weather contingency plan in additional to prior advance booking of a full charter boat for the day. These sites include all sites to the east side of the island. Ultimately our boat captain has final say if the conditions are acceptable for navigating and diving. Your safety and enjoyment is our priority!

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Cozumel SCUBA diving
Cozumel SCUBA diving
Cozumel SCUBA diving