Schooling Eagle Rays in Cozumel!

Eagle Rays Visit Cozumel Each Winter

When the Eagle Rays are schooling to the north, we have front room seating to show! As this dive occurs in the north of Cozumel, we have a short boat ride to the dive site. However, divers are expected to either get to our Puerto Abrigo harbor, or have a downtown pick up.

Obviously we cannot guarantee encounters, but multiple rays per dive should be expected on every dive in the appropriately named Eagle Ray Alley. When we get lucky, we can find ourselves in schools of 20+ eagle rays!

Please note due to dive depths with the eagle rays, this excursion does require divers to be an Advanced or Deep certified diver. Of course we can complete these certifications for you prior to your eagle ray  dives.

Furthermore, due to the potential strong and dangerous currents, all divers are required to do at least one day of diving with our staff for us to assess buoyancy control and confirm safety levels.

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Eagle Rays in Cozumel
Please note the Eagle Ray diving in Cozumel Mexico typically is enjoyed from December through March. Outside of these months this excursion is not available.

Your Eagle Ray excursion includes:

  • Two (2) Dives – One or both with the Eagle Rays
  • Private boat for up to six (6) Advanced certified divers
  • Expert staff above water – All of our Captains are Cozumel natives with 20+ years each working on boats
  • Expert Dive Guide in water with you at all times
  • 200BAR / 3000psi Air-filled aluminum 80CF cylinders (EANx and larger/smaller cylinders available for an additional cost)
  • Surface-inflated Surface Marker Buoy 
  • Complete setup, cylinder swap, and clean up of gear – you just show up and dive!
  • Cold water, fresh fruit, snacks on board the boat
  • Microfiber towel for use on board the boat
  • Rental gear is not included but is available for an additional $15 fee.
  • 32% Nitrox is available for an additional fee of $10 per cylinder
Cozumel scuba diving

Nitrox Available!

Enriched Air Nitrox 32% is available for $10 per cylinder. Reserve your cylinders at the same time you reserve your dives. We highly suggest at least one  enriched air nitrox tank of 32% for anyone doing the eagle ray dives. This will significantly increase your bottom time with the rays (air supply permitting, of course!). 

Not Nitrox certified?

You can start your Enriched Air Nitrox class today! We  offer the eLearning class to make obtaining your Nitrox certification easy and convenient. Study in the virtual classroom during your flight down. Have the material completed prior to your arrival in Cozumel and be ready to stay at depth longer than ever before.

Northside diving in Cozumel
USA /Canada

(312) 757-6167

Within Mexico

(987) 119-3731

$400 Private Boat

Although you should expect some variance to our schedule –

Typical Morning Schedule:

8am Boat departs from Martina Beach
8:30am – 9:30am bull shark dive!
9:30am -11am Surface Interval
11am – 12pm Second dive on the reef
12:30pm Return to Puerto Abrigo

$100 Videographer

Want to have photos and video to remember the excursion forever? We can record this epic dive!

From Playa del Carmen

Mainland divers are welcome to join for our Eagle Ray excursion –

Typical Afternoon Schedule:

1:30pm Departure
2pm – 3pm First dive
3pm – 4:30pm Surface Interval
4:30am – 5:30pm Second dive
6:00pm – Return to Puerto Abrigo

$15 Equipment Rental

A complete set of equipment is available for rent. Also available for rent is GoPro to record your dive.

* Prices listed are without Mexico IVA of 16%

Eagle Rays schooling in Cozumel