SSI Instructor

There is a strong demand in the recreational scuba industry for passionate individuals who can share their love of the sport and the underwater world with others.

SSI Open Water Instructors are the backbone of the dive industry, teaching new divers to safely explore the underwater world, providing introductory courses to those who are considering a scuba certification, and teaching continuing education programs that create life-long and enthusiastic divers.

This program trains you to be a well-prepared, versatile and marketable SSI Professional, with the ability to provide high-quality training to entry-level and experienced divers alike. It is intended to be a fun and challenging learning experience that will present you with new skills and knowledge that will increase your abilities as an SSI Professional.

This program meets ISO24802-2 Instructor Level 2 training standards.

Benefits of Completing the SSI Instructor in Cozumel

Our Instructor Training Course is designed to accentuate learning and development not only to prepare you for your Instructor Exam, but also to prepare you for teaching in the real world. You’ll gain knowledge, skills, and coaching techniques to teach scuba effectively, and learn how to apply them in real-world scenarios. You’ll also be given an introduction to the business of diving, including economic, social, cultural, legal, governmental and environmental concerns, as well as marketing and customer service.


Prerequisites & Requirements For SSI Instructor

  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
  • Have logged at least 75 open water dives totaling 50 hours or more.
  • Certified SSI Enriched Air Nitrox 40 or equivalent from recognized training agnecy
  • SSI Divemaster or equivalent from recognized training agency

Requirements for Completing the SSI Instructor certification

  • Log at least 100 open water dives totaling 65  hours or more.
  • Read and complete Sections all sections, including reviews and assessments, of the Instructor Training Course digital eLearning.
  • Complete all Academic Sessions as outlined in the instructor manual for the Instructor Training Course.
  • Complete the program’s final exam.
  • Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards if it has been more
    than six months since the candidate has been evaluated.
  • Pass all requirements and evaluations as outlined in the instructor manual for the Instructor Training Course.

Start Your Diving Career as an SSI Instructor

SSI started in 1970 with a vision of making it possible for anyone to learn to dive. With more than 3,500 Training Centers in over 150 countries and 50,000 plus Professionals, it is easy to make a career with SSI wherever you choose. SSI is the name to trust in the diving industry as an RSTC founding member and globally ISO certified dive training agency.

A futuristic approach to personalized training and a close cooperation of all SSI affiliated Professionals and Training Centers and Resorts around the world ensures you will have access to global career opportunities and get the best training possible. SSI´s Professional network is growing every day. We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to the SSI Professional community!

Detailed Overview of your SSI  Instructor Schedule

We have 11 scheduled class days through 2 weeks / 14 days available time. This allows us unplanned days off, contingency plans for bad weather, etc.

Please note the Instructor Examination is not administered by Salty Endeavors and must be scheduled and paid for seperately.

Day One

  • Academic Session 1 – Overview of SSI
  • Academic Session 2 – Duties of an SSI Pro
  • Academic Session 3 – Program Adminstration

Day Two

  • Practical Application Session 1 – Water Fitness Evaluation
  • Academic Sessions 4 – Academic Sessions
  • Academic Sessions 5 – In-Water Teaching

Day Three

  • Practical Application Session 4 – Workshop Try Scuba & Scuba Rangers
  • Practical Application Session 5 – Open Water & Scuba Skills Update
  • One-on-one counceling and program progress review

Day Four

  • Academic Session 6 – Assistant Instructor Program
  • Practical Aplication Session 2 – Academic Presentation: Open Water Diver

Day Five

  • Practical Aplication 3 – Academic Presentation: Perfect Bouyancy
  • Practical Application Session 6 – Confined Water Presentation: Open Water
  • Practical Application Session 7 – Confined Water Presentation: Perfect Buoyancy

Day Six

  • Morning 2-tank OR Review Time Available
  • Assistant Instructor Final Exam
  • Final Performace Review & Program

Day Seven

  • Academic Session 7 – The Open Water Diver Program
    Academic Session 8 – Open Water Instructor Specialties
    Academic Session 9 – Diver Stress and Rescue and Dive Guide

Day Eight

  • Practical Application Session 8 – Academic Presentation – Enriched Air Nitrox or Diver Stress and Rescue
  • Practical Application Session 10 – Workshop – Diver Stress and Rescue Skills
  • Practical Application Session 12 – Pool/Confined Water Presentation – Diver Stress and Rescue

Day Nine

  • Practical Application Session 11 – Pool/Confined Water Presentation – Open Water Diver Emergency Skill
  • Practical Application Session 13 – Open Water Presentation – Open Water Diver Skills
  • One-on-One Counciling Session

Day Ten

  • Practical Application Session 9 –Academic Presentation – Dive Guide
  • Practical Application Session 14 – Dive Briefing Evaluation
  • Practical Application Session 15 – Dive Guiding Evaluation

Day Eleven

  • Academic Session 10 – The Business of Diving
  • Academic Session – Your Career with SSI
  • Final program and performance review

Instructor Examination Day One

  • Introductions and Overview
  • Open Water Instructor final exam
  • Pass out Evaluation Topic sheets and preparation time
  • Pool/Confined Water Evaluation, Open Water Diver Skills Demonstration, and Rescue Skills Demonstration

Instructor Examination Day Two

  • Open Water Evaluation
  • Academic Teaching Evaluation
  • SSI Education System Evaluation
  • Final Performance Review

Locations for your SSI Instructor coursework

Your Cozumel SSI Instructor certifcation  will primarily take place in these three locations – our habor for boat dives, Tikila Beach for shore dives, and of course our classroom.

Harbor - Boats

Classroom - Pool

Shore Dives

Calendar for ITC Start Dates

  • August 10, 2023
  • October 10, 2023
  • February 10, 2024
  • April 10, 2024
  • June 10, 2024
  • August 10, 2024
  • October 10, 2024

Upcoming Instructor Examinations 

  • August 27-28, 2023
  • October 27-28, 2023
  • December 14-15, 2023
  • February 27-28, 204
  • April 27-28, 2024
  • June 27-28, 2024
  • August 27-28, 2024
  • October 27-28, 2024
  • December 14-15, 2024