Get Your Own Private Charter

If you want to scuba in Cozumel, renting your own private charter is the best way to go. Either in the morning, afternoon, or full day, it is a fantastic way to experience Cozumel on your terms. Chartering the boat yourself means only people you invite are with you as you scuba Cozumel. You get to set the plan for the day (weather permitting). We have options for 6, 8, or 12 divers, but we are happy to fill it with just one person if you prefer. Your boat – your choice!

Several options for your Private Charter.  

Half, full and twilight charters available for SCUBA. Sunset El Cielo tours for the whole family. Private beach lunches on a 3-tank afternoon… Choose from our options below.

We offer the following services for our Private Charters

  • Pick-up available downtown or from 20 other available piers
  • All private charter dives within the Marine Park (unless otherwise agreed upon)
  • Expert staff above water – Captain Domingo is a Cozumel native with 30+ years working on boats
  • Expert staff below water – Divemasters are certified to AT LEAST a ranking of Master Scuba Diver Trainer and combine for over 10,000 dives in the Cozumel Marine Park
  • 200BAR / 3000psi Air-filled aluminum 80CF cylinders (EANx and larger/smaller cylinders available for an additional cost)
  • 60 minutes or longer bottom times *
  • 60 – 75 minute minute surface interval between dives on private beach, beach club, or restaurant
  • Complete setup, cylinder swap, and clean up of gear (You just show up and dive!)
  • Microfiber towel for use on board the boat
  • Reef-safe sunblock (Please note: non-reef-safe sunblock is not allowed in the Cozumel Marine Park)
  • Water, fresh fruit, snacks on board the boat
  • Rain jacket provided
  • Dry bag provided
  • Overnight storage of personal gear if you are diving multiple days
  • Rental gear is not included but is available for an additional $20 fee
  • Nitrox is available for an additional fee of $10 per cylinder

* Longer dives times can be accommodated with advanced notice and an earlier departure time. 


scuba Cozumel

Nitrox Available!

Enriched Air Nitrox is available for $10 per cylinder. Reserve your cylinders at the same time you reserve your dives.We highly suggest at least two enriched air Nitrox tanks of 32% for anyone doing 4 or more dives per day. It is also encouraged to all our divers doing only 2-tanks daily to consider doing your second dive on 32% for an added margin of safety.

Not Nitrox certified? 

You can start your Enriched Air Nitrox class today! We offer the eLearning class to make obtaining your Nitrox certification easy and convenient. Have the material completed prior to you arrive to scuba Cozumel. Be ready stay at depth longer than ever before! After you complete a brief multiple choice exam with us in Cozumel, we’ll head to the boat for the practical application of analyzing, calculating and then the fun part… scuba Cozumel with NITROX! 

* Prices listed are without Mexico IVA of 16%

If you have any questions or prefer to complete your reservation with asisstance just click this box to send us an email.