Scuba Diving Packages in Cozumel, Mexico

At Salty Endeavors, we indeed offer a variety of Cozumel scuba diving excursions for individuals and groups. Not only reefs and cenotes, but also grass macro dives to wreck dives. Look below and choose which of the scuba diving packages suits you best in Cozumel. Or, instead of choosing, do them all!. No matter which Cozumel scuba packages you select, we are ready to provide you with the experience of the lifetime!

We’ve partnered with the best Cozumel scuba hotels – go through this list and make a selection. Once you are ready, contact us and we’ll help answer any questions and secure your reservation. You can also write us your queries and our professionals will head back to you as quickly as possible.

Fun Diving

This is the keystone of our operation. We love to teach new divers. And we especially enjoy teaching continuing education to divers. But truthfully, the endgame is always to enjoy Cozumel scuba diving! Learn more about our fun diving operations and then reserve your spot on a boat trip for some Cozumel scuba diving.


Dive Certification

Cozumel is an ideal location to take your PADI dive certification. To tell the truth, our crystal clear water and year-round tropical water temperatures are too inviting, Additionally, our expert staff is ready to teach you from your first breath underwater all the way to Divemaster. Finally, our on staff instructors can teach PADI and SSI. To begin with, contact us to learn more about estimated cost for Scuba diving in Cozumel.

Private Charters

Either bring a group of friends diving, or come alone, we offer affordable price for Scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico! In view of the discount, if you have 5 or more divers looking to submerge this an excellent option. In other words, book your own private boat for half or full day charters! Further, it is also ideal for the smaller groups looking to keep it a private dive. Maximum of up to six (6) divers on a private charter.


In all honesty, we understand you may not want to enjoy Cozumel scuba diving exclusively. Considering the Riviera Maya is a mecca for freshwater cenote dives, we can maybe understand missing a day of Cozumel scuba diving. Namely, with over 7000 cenotes and counting, nowhere else on else rivals the cave system found between Cancun to Tulum. I mean, we know it’s hard to part from Cozumel scuba diving for a full day. However, should you decide to, we are ready to explore these freshwater caves with you. Call us to learn about our scuba dive package specials in Cozumel.

Facts About Cozumel Scuba Diving

  • Simply 10 kms off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Cozumel is called the “Island of the Swallows” and has recently emerged as a popular scuba diving destination.
  • Primarily, Cozumel is suitable for divers of all levels, no matter you are a beginner or trained. Nonetheless, it is also ranked as one of the top ten places for advanced diving because of the deep walls and clear visibility which may require extra vigilance at some points.
  • Apart from Cozumel scuba diving, Cozumel itself is a great getaway destination. You will find friendly locals, amazing food, lively nightlife, towering coral formations, great underwater visibility and white sandy beaches.
  • Cozumel is part of Mesoamerican reef system and is protected by the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park.
  • This an extremely healthy Caribbean reef, Cozumel is home to 26 coral species and more than 500 species of fish.
  • Cozumel Scuba Diving can be completed by speedboat or from shore. This will completely depend on your preference.

Plan a solo trip or make a plan with your friends/family, we can offer some of the most affordable packages for scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico for a complete experience.

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