Diving FAQ

If you do not see your question listed here please contact us and let us know. We’ll add your question to our FAQ!

What are the water temperatures?
Generally speaking the water temperature in Cozumel is consistently in the 78 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit range.

From December – Febraury you can expect our coldest water temperatures of the year at 78 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. From March – May you should expect the temperatures warming up to the 80 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit range. In our warm summer months beginning in May and extending into September the water can reach a regular 82 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Occasionally we see temperatures reach up to the 85/86 degrees Fahrenheit range in the late summer if it has been a warm summer. October – November begins to cool down into the 80 – 82 degree Fahrenheit range.

For up to the minute sea surface temperature and wind/wave reports please refer to this NOAA buoy located in the Yucatan basin.

May I bring my own equipment? Will you store it for me?
Yes, you may bring all your own equipment and yes, we will clean and store your gear for you for the duration of your stay, including your neoprene, with our VIP service.

We also offer, at no extra charge, drop-off and pick-up service of your gear at Cozumel Scuba Repair. They charge you $120 for yearly storage, which includes a full cleaning of your regulator once per year! When you consider airline baggage fees plus yearly regulator service, financially this is a savings. For more information…

Can I rent equipment from you?
Yes, you can rent all your equipment from us. Please refer to our rental gear page for more information about our available rental gear.
Do you rent cameras / torches / dive computers / etc?
Yes, we rent all of that and more. Please refer to our rental gear page for more information.
What thickness neoprene should I bring?
Every diver is different in regards to their needs for warmth insulation. The majority of divers on Cozumel can comfortably use a 3mm neoprene year-round. If you know you traditionally are colder than most people you may wish use a 5mm neoprene. Some people may be comfortable wearing nothing more than a rash guard.

If you have neoprene we suggest you bring it. You can always choose to not use it if it is not needed. Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

We have available for rent 3mm neoprene, however, should you desire to not bring your own or do not own neoprene. In the event you get cold easily we recommend you double up with 2-3mm neoprene for a total of 6mm.

Can non-divers come with me on the dive boat?
Yes, with limited availability. For more information please contact us.
Can you pick me up from the cruise ship terminal?
No, we are not allowed to pick-up guests from the cruise ship terminal/dock. We can pick-up at a pier within walking distance of your cruise ship terminal, however.

If your cruise ship docks at Puerto Maya or SSA Mexico, we can pick you at The Dive Shop pier, They will charge you $10 per person to access their pier.

If you arrive into Punta Langosta, we can pick you up at the Aqua Safari pier. They will charge you $2 to use access their pier.

If you are unsure which pier you will arrive, you can view this website to double check.

I'm coming in on a cruise ship, can I dive with you?
Yes, we do not discourage divers coming from cruise ships. We are an equal opportunity dive center! 🙂 However, not all cruise ship schedules make it possible for us to provide you services. Please contact us so we can discuss your arrival and departure times.
Will you pick me up? How do I find you?
Due to business laws in Mexico, we cannot provide land transportation services. We can, however, assist you with getting a taxi or rental vehicle.

If you are staying waterfront or near waterfront we can likely pick you up at the nearest pier. We provide pier pick-up services to over 22 piers on Cozumel. You can check here to see if your pier is available, or contact us if you are unsure of which pier is near your lodging.

Do you allow for solo divers?
All divers are required to have a dive buddy. In the event that you are a solo diver we will pair you up with our Divemaster. Our boats will run for just one diver – no cancellations for lack of dive buddies!
I'm staying on the mainland but want to dive Cozumel. What are my options?
Our afternoon boat departs at a time which is perfect for our guests coming from mainland. You will need to take the ferry from downtown Playa del Carmen to Cozumel. Usually this is a 45 minute ferry. From there you will need to catch a taxi to the harbor, about a 5 minute drive. We request anyone coming from mainland to be on the 12 noon ferry at the latest.

For the early birds, you can make the 7am ferry and arrive in time to depart on our morning 8am departure.

Do you offer refresher courses or intro dives?
Yes, we offer both pool refresher classes and 1-tank shore / ocean options. For more information please contact us.
Will we see sharks?
When you’re lucky, you get to see a shark. Although incidents with sharks occur, they are very rare and, with respect to diving, primarily involve spear fishing or feeding sharks, both of which trigger feeding behavior. Most of the time, if you see a shark it’s just passing through and a rare sight to enjoy.
What dive sites do you visit?
We can and will visit any dive site location around the island. Please note there are many locations which demand advanced divers. In this event we will require you do at least one full day of diving with us prior to visiting the advanced locations. This allows us to assess your safe-diving skills so we can ensure your ability is compatible with the preferred locations. Your safety is paramount in our dive site selection.

Additionally, some locations become unreachable during certain weather conditions. Salty Endeavors and it’s Captains may limit locations on any given day in the interest of personal comfort and / or safety.

Can I choose my dive site?
In the event we have two or more groups diving on the same boat we will work with both groups to reach a preferred and agreeable dive location. We try to not repeat dive sites for anyone on board unless they choose to do so. If you wish to ensure you have exclusive say on where you dive we suggest you book a private charter with us. Regardless, we will make all possible attempts to go to the dive destination of your choice, but ultimately our on-board Captain makes the final call using several determining factors such as, but not limited to, weather, water currents, time of day, and divers skill.

Another option is to charter your own boat so you and your family / friends can decide which dive site you visit.

However, in all circumstances the Captain of the boat will have final call. It is our goal to put you on the dive site of your choice provided we can do so safely!

Do you dive in the Marine Park?
All dives, unless otherwise agreed upon, begin and end within the Cozumel Marine Park.
Do you dive outside the Marine Park?
We can, yes. This would require prior arrangement and possibly additional fees. Contact us for more information.
How long are your dive times?
This obviously varies from one diver to the next, but we will have you begin your ascent to safety stop depth when you or your dive buddy reaches 50 bar / 700psi or 60 minutes bottom time (whichever comes first). If you charter your own boat we will begin the ascent at 50 bar / 700psi or 75 minutes, whichever comes first.
Does the entire group surface with the first person low on air?
Not necessarily. We operate within the dive buddy mentality. If you or your dive buddy reach 50 bar / 700psi we will ask you to begin your ascent to safety stop depth – so choose your dive buddy wisely. If someone in the dive group that is not your dive buddy reaches 50 bar / 700psi before you, you will not be required to begin your ascent. When possible (space permitting) we will provide two staff members on the dive. In this scenario, if your dive buddy runs low on air but you are not low on air, you have the option to pair up with the lead Divemaster to continue your dive while your dive buddy ascends with the second staff member, or you can ascend with your dive buddy.
Will you let me dive my computer?
All dives at Salty Endeavors are done under the premise of Recreational Diving, or no decompression diving (NDL), unless agreed upon in advance. This means we also respect the maximum recreational depth of 40 meters / 130 feet. Our staff members will rarely go below 30 meters / 100 feet of depth, but provided you and your dive buddy have provided documentation to your advanced training (certification(s) and/or logbook) prior to the dive and in addition to demonstrating your safe-diving skills on a previous dive(s), we will not stop you from going to 40 meters / 130 feet on those dive site locations where this is possible.

Please note we still expect you to stay out of decompression diving, maintain visual contact with a Salty Endeavors staff member at all times, and to follow the more conservative computer between your dive buddy and you.

If it is your goal or preference to repeatedly do deep dives or to go beyond the recreational depth limits, we encourage you to secure a private charter boat with us for the day(s) you intend to do your deep diving.

How long are your surface intervals?
We aim for a 60 minute surface interval, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. Usually, our surface intervals generally work out to be 70-75 minutes by the time you back roll and descend.
Where do we spend our surface interval?
More often than not we will take you ashore to a nearby beach or beach club. This allows you to leisurely relax on land between dives.

If prior arrangements are made the surface interval can be spent snorkeling, floating / swimming out at in the deep sea, motor to a private sandbar or beach, or if we are lucky swimming with a passing dolphin pod.

Do you have Nitrox available?
Yes. We have both EAN32 and EAN36 available. Additional charges do apply and prior arrangements must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
What does your VIP service really include?
In essence, our VIP service means once you check into your vacation residence you will not handle your gear again until you are heading home. We will pick your gear up from your vacation home the evening of your arrival at a previously agreed upon time. We will make sure all your gear is on board the boat each morning you dive. We will swap your air tank in between dives. After your day of diving is over we will give your gear a freshwater rinse and store it overnight in our shop. Yes, this includes your neoprene (please don’t pee in it, thanks!). On the final day of diving we will freshwater rinse and clean all your gear, hang it to dry, and deliver it that evening to your vacation home at an agreed upon time.

On board the boat we will provide you with detailed dive site descriptions prior to the dive, chilled water and local Jamaica tea (pronounced: high-make-ah), fresh fruit and snacks, and warm dry towels. If you require any additional personal assistance please let us know and we will make every effort possible to assist.

What if I / you cancel the dive trip?

Cancellations by us – Weather has a tendency to cancel 10-15 days of diving per year, on average, in Cozumel – locally affectionately referred to as the “Norte” as it always involves winds from the north. The “Port Captain” of Cozumel, not Salty Endeavors, ultimately makes the final call on whether it is safe for our boats to leave harbor. All dive operators of Cozumel are subject to his decisions. Unfortunately, we have zero control over these announcements (or the weather) and sometimes the announcement of port closure may occur merely minutes prior to our departure time or even while we are already onboard and heading to our first divesite. We will always try our best to notify you of weather related issues, but as we all know weather is often unpredictable and as such this is why it is important that Salty Endeavors has a means to contact you while you are in Cozumel. Furthermore, although we maintenance our boats and engines with great care and detail, the marine environment is exceptionally harsh and as such despite our efforts mechanical failures do occasionally happen without notice. In the unfortunate event that a dive boat must be cancelled on our part, for any reason, our first recourse will be to work towards rescheduling the trip. In the event that both parties cannot agree upon a rescheduled time, a full refund will be issued. For more information please view this link.

Cancellations by you – Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Any cancellation made more than 24 hours prior to your trip will be issued a full refund, less administrative fees of $20 to help cover credit card processing fees and currency conversion fees (if applicable). Any cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled trip will be issued no refund. Any changes in your itinerary (e.g. you do one tank/dive instead of two or quit class midway through) will also incur no refund. Any no-shows on the day of your excursion will be invoiced in full. All deposits paid for classes are non-refundable.

Late Arrival / Missed Boats – Salty Endeavors will try it’s best to wait for your late arrival but due to scheduling constraints the maximum amount of time we can wait is 10 minutes after our scheduled departure time. For example, if we agree upon an 8:00am departure and it is 8:11am we will be forced to leave without you. If you miss the boat for any reason Salty Endeavors accepts this as a no-show on your behalf and you will be invoiced in full. Exceptions can be made to how long we wait for you depending on that day’s schedule so please contact us immediately once you realize you are running late and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I miss the scheduled departure?
Salty Endeavors will try it’s best to wait for your late arrival but due to scheduling constraints the maximum amount of time we can wait is 10 minutes after our scheduled departure time. For example, if we agree upon an 8:00am departure and it is 8:11am we will be forced to leave without you. If you miss the boat for any reason Salty Endeavors accepts this as a cancellation on your behalf and no refund will be issued. Exceptions can be made to how long we wait for you depending on that day’s schedule so please contact us immediately once you realize you are running late and we will do our best to accommodate you.
If I pay cash can I skip out on paying Mexico IVA?

As a gringo doing business in Mexico I consider it very important to follow all rules and regulations of Mexico law. Unfortunately, this does include charging the Mexico IVA of 16% on all invoices / items purchased.

Does Salty Endeavors dive anywhere else besides Cozumel?
Yes! We would be happy to help you arrange cenote diving in the Yucatan Peninsula, but Salty Endeavors also travels to the Pacific for epic diving around the globe. Check out our Bucket List Diving excursions for more details.