Deep Diver Specialty Certification

Many of the more exciting and intriguing dive sites are located in deeper water. Without proper training this kind of diving can put you at risk. To plan your dives properly you must first know how to prevent any of the potential risks involved in deep diving. This course will provide you with the information to make deep dives comfortably and confidently.

Our goal is to prepare you for your journey. Taking SSI’s Deep Diving program provides in-depth information on the necessary equipment, skills, knowledge and experience required to safely conduct recreational deep dives.

Benefits of Earning the Deep Diver Certification

Your training starts by reviewing reasons for deep diving and how important it is to know your personal limits. During four deep dives with your instructor, you’ll go over:

  • Your total diving system
  • Deep Diving Theory
  • Planning Your Depe Dive
  • Portential Hazards of a Deep Dive
  • Reptetive Deep Diving

Prerequisites & Requirements For Deep Diving

  • Minimum Age 15 years
  • Open Water Certified (SSI, PADI, or any any agency equivilent)
  • One academic session
  • Minimum three (3) open water dives (we include four (4) dives!)
  • Class duration of two (2) days
  • Credit this certification towards your SSI Dive Guide certification
  • Nitrox is available for an additional fee of $10 per cylinder
  • Perfect class to pair with our Nitrox certification!

Approximate Class Schedule

  • Completion of eLearning by student
  • Doubt clearning and dive briefing by Salty Endeavors
  • Day 1 – 2-tanks reaching a maximum of 30 meters / 100 feet
  • Day 2 – 2-tanks reaching a maximum of 40 meters / 130 feet
  • Online final exam
  • Certification processing!

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