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The staff of Salty Endeavors is a fantastic mix of locals and legal foreign workers. Captain Felipe represents the Yucatan while Mariana and Ray hail from Mexico City. Henry and Aries represent the Midwest of the USA. All our dive instructors speak fluent English and Ray adds in his mother-tongue of Spanish to compliment the team – ensuring you have never have a problem with communication. Between our three instructors we represent over 2000 graduated students, close to 20,000 logged dives, and nearly 60 years diving experience. Toss in Captain Felipe and we are boosting over 100 years of ocean and scuba diving experience!

Felipe Javier Pech Maza

Felipe Javier Pech Maza


Captain Felipe is a key staff member in our team. In his own words…

I was born in a small villa called Baca, which is northeast outside of the capital city of Merida, not far from the coast and Progreso. My brother and two sisters where brought to Cozumel more than 40 years ago as my family searched for better opportunities. My mother remains in Cozumel but the rest of my family has moved to Playa del Carmen.

When I was 12 years of age I began fishing off the waters of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. I can remember there being so many fish you could just reach out and grab them. My first formal education around the ocean began in Tuxpan, Veracruz along the east central coast of Mexico. I stayed there for many weeks learning about boats. My first job was that of a cleaning boy, but with hard work over 30 years I progressed through the ranks as a marine, helmsman, foreman, coastal skipper and then finally captain. I’ve been lucky enough to have sailed ships for 10 years to the USA coasts of Florida and Galveston, Mississippi, in addition to Cuba.

The love I have for my family is what first brought me into the tourism trade of Cozumel. I am the proud father of 4 boys ranging in age from 23 to 2 years of age. Being home for the family nightly was the motivation to captain scuba boats, but now I cannot imagine having another job. Meeting the new guests, creating new friendships, and delivering our divers not only the incredible reefs of Cozumel, but also showing them a bit about the Mayan culture of the Yucatan is a great joy for me.

Henry C. Schultz, III

Henry C. Schultz, III

Instructor, Operations Manager

Who wants to go diving?

My love affair (read: addiction) with the ocean was perhaps more uncommon than most as I grew up in the suburbs of southwest Chicago. You might say that is a long way to any ocean – and you’d be very correct! But my father was kind enough to introduce me to a saltwater aquarium when I was around 5 years of age… and I was hooked forever. When I moved into my first college apartment I quickly secured my first credit card a
nd promptly maxed it out on my own saltwater aquarium. Soon after that aquarium lead to several more, than a larger apartment to house even more aquariums. Eventually I was breeding and selling marine fish (roughly 20 species in total), writing about marine aquarium fish and getting published in trade magazines worldwide in multiple languages (over 100 publications in the USA alone), and farming both hard and soft corals in my home aquariums. This was all before age 25. Before you know it I’m working as a SCUBA Instructor in Fiji farming corals to repair damaged reefs and training local Fijians to not only dive, but repair storm-damaged reefs for themselves.

Nowadays I’ve been entrusted to run the operations of Salty Endeavors. I look forward to assisting you during your travels and hopefully we get to share some bottom time!

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 301795
SSI Open Water Instructor 61484


Aries Burns

Aries Burns


My first thought after completing my first Open Water dive was, “I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!” My second thought – “I can’t believe my guidance counselor didn’t tell me I could do this for a living!” But I can! …and I do! I have been doing this since 2010 and I cannot see myself doing anything else.

Before finding my scuba path I served four years in the United States Air Force where I served as a Tactical Air Controller Party member. In the military I learned attention to detail is paramount, and I bring that mentality to my scuba career and instructing new divers. Currently I am a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, which I’ve achieved by not only teaching many students over many years, but also consistently pushing my knowledge with continuing education of not just scuba theory, but also the reef, it’s inhabitants, and the full environment of which we submerge. I have a goal of reaching PADI Course Director, but along that path I want to share my interests in fish identification, environmental conditions, and equipment service/repair, and do so in a casual atmosphere which keeps teaching and learning fun and innovative.

I have the heart of a teacher, a love of diving, and a constant hunger for more knowledge that I can’t wait to share with you!

Salty Endeavors Staff

 Raymundo Ramírez

Raymundo Ramírez

Instructor, Captain

Hola amigos!

My name  is Raymundo C Ramírez, I am from México city, moved to Cozumel in 1999. I am happily married with three children, all of us ocean lovers.

I am a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, boat captain and SCUBA gear technician. I have taught SCUBA in Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Campeche in Mexico, in addition to Florida and California in the USA.

All this started when I was a 4 year old kid, while waiting for my father to finish his classes at the racquetball club he worked at on Sundays. I would watch the television show “Mi amigo el Mar” hosted by Ramón Bravo, an avid Mexican diver and explorer. He would have awesome underwater footage that helped me dream of becoming a diver… one day…

I went to school to study and finish my career as a choreographer and worked a 9 year job in a big company as financial and credit supervisor. All of this was rewarding and fun, but every chance I had to ride my motorcycle and go to the nearest beaches and jump in the ocean was the best part of my life.

The day I moved to Cozumel that dream of try scuba came true. I quickly became a certified diver and found a new career in the scuba industry. My first job was as cabana boy carrying tanks, rinsing and fixing scuba equipment. After proving myself I finally was diving regularly working as a underwater videographer and photographer. With hard work, dedication, and lots of studying I worked myself into the Divemaster and Instructor. Eventually I also worked several years as operations manager for a large Cozumel Resort, but ultimately I realized my true love was being int he water daily with the guests.

With all this experience, I have found that the more we follow the steps, the more we will enjoy diving. There is nothing to be afraid of as long as we follow safety first and foremost.

I enjoy teaching; the look on the faces and within my students eyes when they experience their first breath underwater is priceless. Since I have dived the Cozumel reefs for many years, experienced divers searching for more adventure find a good dive buddy with me, too.

After 18 years as professional diver and more than 1200 certifications issued and more than 9300 dives my love and respect for the biggest friend I have, remains in my heart, MI AMIGO EL MAR.

If you’d like to know more about the origins of Salty Endeavors we encourage you to visit our About Salty Endeavors page, or read our blog updates under the category About Salty Endeavors.

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