Cozumel Cruise & Cozumel Port Information

A Cozumel cruise is the perfect way to visit our beautiful island for the day… And you should go scuba diving while you are Cozumel Port! Salty Endeavors is the best Cozumel dive shop for anyone on a Cozumel cruise. We work hard around your Cozumel cruise port schedule. See below for several Cozumel dive packages.

On a Cozumel cruise? Let’s go diving!

Want to get in some Cozumel diving while here? We are here to help! Unlike the tour agency serving your cruise line, we are a small dive center offering boutique service. We have a maximum of 6 divers on our boat, so you will always get personalized attention. This also allows us some flexibility with our scheduling, which is helpful for divers arriving into our Cozumel ports. However, servicing our divers arriving into a Cozumel cruise port does take a bit of extra planning. Under that guidance, I’ve put this page together.

First, I will ask you for a few key bits of information. If you do not know this information right now that is okay, but we will need it before we can confirm your reservation. Please provide me with as much of this information as possible on the initial contact. It will help me provide better information and service to you. The information I need includes –

  • Scheduled arrival and departure day and times
  • The name of your ship (Carnival Dream, Norwegian Getaway, etc.)
  • The Cozumel port of entry (we have 3 different ports of entry)
  • The original city in which you boarded the Cozumel cruise ship.

With this information we will do our best to fit you onto our scheduled departures. While we are scheduled for 8am and 1:30pm departures, we can be flexible to some extent. Additionally, you do not have to meet us as our harbor – we can pick you up at a pier along the way.

Pick-up options – Taxi to Us

Depending on your arrival and departure times and Cozumel cruise port of entry, we may or may not have a few options of where we can pick you up. This is why we need to know exactly which Cozumel port your cruise will arrive.  To start with, you always have the option of meeting us at our harbor. This is, of course, the best option if time allows for it, especially if you are renting a wetsuit from us. We depart out of Puerto Abrigo Harbor. Unfortunately, our cruise ship divers pay a premium price for a taxi. From the far south harbor expect to pay $15 USD for up to 4 people. It’s likely the north cruise ports will charge the same price, but it could potentially be less. The information you want to provide your taxi driver is this:

Puerto Abrigo puerta tres por el castillo y faro

For those of you whom do not speak Spanish, this translate to “Puerto Abrigo gate three by the castle and lighthouse.” And you want to make sure you pass the castle and lighthouse and enter at Gate 3. It is not normally a problem, I just always bring attention to this fact so it doesn’t become an issue for you. Getting dropped off at Gate 1 or 2 will leave you with a considerable walk to our shop and boat. For full details and 360 video of the ride to our harbor, please view the Find Us page.

Pick-up Options – Walk to Public Pier

Other than the taxi, we can pick you up on our way heading south. Below I’ve attached an image of the Google satellite view of each pier. The yellow line represents the path you will need to walk to reach your pier. Please note we are not allowed to pick you up from the ship, or the cruise ship’s pier. This is against Federal and Maritime regulations.

Cozumel Cruise Ports

Punta Langosta

A short walk that begins with crossing over Melgar Avenue by way of a raised pedestrian walkway that funnels you into a shopping area. Expect the walk to take less than 10 minutes once off the ship.

cozumel port, cozumel cruise

International Pier (SSA)

As this pier does not have a shopping district inside, the exit is often quick. The walk north is, in my estimation, roughly 300 yards / meters. Expect the walk to take about 10 minutes once off the ship.

cozumel port, cozumel cruise

Puerta Maya

The far southern cruise port of Cozumel. This is a long walk of maybe 20 minutes or so. If time allows I always suggest to guests arriving to this port to taxi to our harbor. It’s just easier to sit in a car with AC than walk that distance.

cozumel port, cozumel cruise

From Punta Langosta

Please note there is a $2 per person fee to access this pier. This fee is collected by the pier owner – not Salty Endeavors.

Pier For Langosta

This pier charges $2 per person for day use.

From SSA & Puerta Maya

Please note there is a $10 per person fee to access this pier. This fee is collected by the pier owner – not Salty Endeavors.

Pier For SSA and Puerta Maya

This pier charges $10 per person for day use.

If one of our regularly scheduled departures does not fit into your schedule, we have a few other options. 

Private Charters

  • 2, 3, or 4-tank daily charters
  • Up to 6 divers
  • Flexible around your cruise ship schedule
  • Mix scuba and snorkeling on the same boat
  • Sell your empty seats on the cruise ship to recoup costs
  • Check here for more information on Private Charters

Shore Dive

  • 1, or 2-tank packages
  • Flexible around your Cozumel cruise itinerary
  • Wreck dive off Las Casitas beach – excellent dive!
  • Several other locations to choose from
  • Contact us for more details

Prefer to call us?

Call from USA (312) 757 - 6167
From Mexico dial 987 - 111 - 9138
WhatsApp Free International text and calling +521 - 987 - 111 - 9138

Para espanol
Desde  Mexico 987 - 112 - 4089
WhatsApp +521 - 987 - 112 - 4089

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