Try Freediving & Apnea Courses in Mexico

Freediving is the most natural form of diving. It’s also known as Apnea or the skill of holding your breath underwater while performing various activities. This is the perfect sport for those who like to feel the freedom from equipment underwater and challenge natural human inhibitions and limitations.

Just like any other adventure sports, Freediving also requires us to understand some critical information before we jump head first into it! All Freediving classes taught at Salty Endeavors, there is always a briefing or classroom time prior to in water sessions. This time is important for essential transfer of knowledge and open communication between the students and our instructors.

SSI Basic Freediving

The Try Freediving course is a good way of trying the sport for half a day (2 -4 hours), especially while sharing the experience with a few friends! You do not need to be a high-performance athlete to become a free diver although being generally fit and healthy does play an important factor as with any adventure sport. Our SSI Basic Freediving course includes all required equipment and certification fee.


  • Minimum Age 12 years 
  • Must be capable of swimming 80 feet / 24 meters without aid 


Freedive in Mexico

Locations for your Freediving classes

Your freediving classes can be experienced in a number of locations including the PIN drops on the map.

Harbor - Boats

Classroom - Pool

Shore Dives