Search & Recovery  Specialty Certification

Have you ever seen someone lose their mask or a fin when they jump into the water? Has anyone ever asked you to help them recover their keys, or maybe a small anchor lost over the side of their boat? Ocean, lakes and rivers are dynamic environments, and sometimes things get lost.

Finding and recovering lost objects is an advanced skill, and requires careful thought and dive planning. Without proper preparation, a search could take considerably longer than it should, or a recovery operation may fail.

This program focuses on the recovery of small items (i.e. ring, watch, wallet, etc.) and medium-sized objects (i.e. underwater cameras, boat motors, etc.) in an open water environment. Recovering items in an overhead environment such as ice, cavern, or wreck requires further training and very specialized techniques which are not covered in this program.

Taking SSI’s Search and Recovery Program provides in-depth information on the necessary equipment, skills, knowledge and experience required to execute a recreational search and recovery operation for small to medium sized objects.

Benefits of Earning the Search & Recovery Certification

Gathering information and resources, then carefully planning a search are the first important steps you learn. During four scuba dives you’ll practice:

  • Factors that affect your search and recovery operation
  • Planning and organizing your serch and recovery operation
  • Your serch techniques
  • Your recovery techniques
  • Portential or mistakes during a search and recovery operation


Prerequisites & Requirements For Search & Recovery

Approximate Class Schedule

  • Completion of eLearning by student
  • Doubt clearning and dive briefing by Salty Endeavors
  • Morniong confined water session
  • Afternoon 2-tank training dives
  • Online final exam
  • Certification processing!