Dive One

Site: Santa Rosa
Max Depth: 80 feet
Dive Time: 47 minutes
Key Animals: Hawksbill, Eagle Ray
Weather: 84 and sunny
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 80 degrees
Notes:  The morning trip divers aboard the MENTAL FLOSS included Rachel, Ty, Jason, Nathan, and Jane (our Open Water student). All of our certified divers joined Henry at Santa Rosa Wall, while Jane and I completed Open Water #1 in Santa Rosa Shallows. Can you believe she sees a baby hawksbill turtle and spotted eagle ray on her first dive?

Dive Two

Site: Yucab
Max Depth: 50 feet
Dive Time: 62 minutes
Key Animals: Nurse sharks!
Weather: 84 and sunny
Visibility: 80 feet
Water Temp: Water Temperature
Notes:  The second dive featured a goldentail eel, couple baby green sea turtles, and two nurse sharks on our second dive at Yucab Reef. Tomorrow should yield another solid diver! Stay Salty!