Dive One

Site: Cedral Pass
Max Depth: 66 feet
Dive Time: 49 minutes
Key Animals: Three Hawksbill turtles, green moray, octopus, splendid toadfish
Weather: Fantastic!
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 79 degrees
Notes:  It was Ray’s second day with Bruce and Tanya, and did not disappoint. This was day number one for my group, consisting of: Leah, Brittany, Nikelle, Sean, and Kraig, all joining us from California. Reef was the happening place to be, glad we were in attendance!

Dive Two

Site: San Francisco Wall
Max Depth: 98 feet
Dive Time: 54 minutes
Key Animals: Spotted scorpionfish, Goliath grouper, Southern stingray, Electric ray
Weather: Fantastic
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 80 degrees
Notes:  Colorful coral set on white sands, and swim-throughs to boot! Definitely a great way to watch the sun go down, stay Salty!