Need help finding Salty Endeavors Classroom?

Find Salty Endeavors at the Classroom

This map and directions are provided for anyone needing to locate our main office for classroom or pool work as part of your SCUBA certification. Please note we do not maintain office personnel at this location so we are only present here before and after the day’s classroom tutoring. We provide this map primarily to help you find us on the morning of your pool skills. If you wish to meet us here at any time other than scheduled class time we highly suggest making prior arrangements with us to ensure we will be there and available to assist you.

Information to provide your taxi driver:

65 avenida entre 21 y 23 Calle

We are the white building with brown aluminum doors located directly across from a large pharmacy. Please knock loudly on the single door marked with the address number 1380.

If you are coming from in town you should expect to pay 40 peso for up to 4 people. Otherwise, please use the image below to locate your tax fare price.

Cozumel Travel FAQ

Driving to the pool:

If you have access to a mapping software on your smart phone you can enter our address of 65 avenida entre 21 y 23 Calle and see if that matches our map above. Please note some GPS maps do not recognize 65 avenida but instead refer to the street as 8 de Octubre. Please do not let this get you lost!

It is probably easiest to follow the route up Ave. Andres Q.Roo (also called Calle 11) and turn right onto 65 ave (also called 8 de Octubre). As you travel south each cross street goes up by 2, thus you’ll pass 13, 15, 17, 19, and finally 21. We are sandwiched between 21 and 23 directly on 65 ave. We are across the street from a large pharmacy. You can give our video below a watch to help familiarize yourself with the location.