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Fun Dives & Excursions

We offer a variety of fun dives and excursions for individuals and groups, from reefs to cenotes, and grass macro dives to bull shark dives. Please choose from our several excursions for the certified diver and learn how we ensure the experience will provide you a lifetime of memories.

Fun Diving

This is the keystone of our operation. We love to teach new divers, and we especially enjoy teaching continuing education to divers, but the endgame is always to enhance the overall experience of our time in the water fun diving together. Learn more about our fun diving operations and then reserve your spot on a boat trip into the Cozumel Marine Park.


The Riviera Maya is a mecca for those looking for fresh water cenote dives. With over 7000 cenotes and counting, no where else on else rivals the cave system found between Cacnun to Tulum. We know it’s hard to part from the Cozumel reefs for a full day, but should you decide to leave the saltwater behind, we are ready to explore these freshwater caves with you.

Private Charters

Bring a group of friends diving! If you have 5 or more divers looking to submerge this an excellent option. Book your own private boat for half or full day charters! It is also ideal for the smaller groups looking to keep it a private dive. Maximum of up to six (6) divers on a private charter. Coming soon… Shark Cave Private Charters!

Shark Dive

While we do often see Nurse sharks and Blacktip sharks while diving in Cozumel, we are regularly asked about the Bull shark diving done in mainland Mexico. As we rarely see bull sharks in Cozumel, we do occasionally head to Playa del Carmen to partake in this adventure. Check here for the details…

The Spotted Drum, or Equetus punctatus as the scientific community prefers to call it, is always a crowd pleaser when spotted during a dive. The juvenile variation, pictured here, is always the fan favorite. It’s long flowing fins are constantly waving like a ribbon as the fish never stops swimming. Actually another name for this fish is Ribbon Drum for this exact reason. As this fish ages those long-flowing ribbons slowly disappear, as does it’s high energy, giving way to an adult version which tends to be much less photographed than it’s younger self.

In my humble opinion, the longevity of this species is in danger. The invasive Lionfish, in my opinion, has done significant damage to the overall numbers of the Spotted Drum. The juvenile Spotted Drum’s defenseless swimming technique not only makes it an easy target but also entices the Lionfish like dangling a bone in front of a dog. The Spotted Drumfish situation alone underscores the severity of the Lionfish invasion and the importance of continued Lionfish eradication. You can do you part by enrolling in our Lionfish Awareness class. Not only do you get to hunt and kill Lionfish during your fun dives, but you also get to eat them, too!

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