We provide the following services to our Fun Diving Guests

– All fun diving is done within the Marine Park (unless otherwise agreed upon)
– 2 – 1 tank dives in either the morning (boat departs 8:50 am) or afternoon (boat departs 1:50pm)
– 200BAR / 3000psi Air-filled aluminum 80CF cylinders (EANx  and larger/smaller cylinders available for an additional cost)
– 60 minutes or longer bottom times *
– 60 minute surface interval between dives on private beach, beach club, or restaurant
– Complete setup, cylinder swap, and clean up of gear (You just show up and dive!)
Microfiber towel for use on board the boat
– Reef-safe sunblock (Please note: non-reef-safe sunblock is not allowed in the Cozumel Marine Park)
– Water, fresh fruit, snacks on board the boat
– Overnight storage of personal gear if you are diving multiple days

Rental gear is not included but is available for an additional $15 fee.
– Nitrox is available for an additional fee of $8 per cylinder

* Until you or your dive buddy reach the pre-dive agreed upon low on air 50BAR / 700psi OR  you or your dive buddy reach a No Decompression Limit (NDL) OR the dive time exceeds 60 minutes. Longer dives times can be accommodated with advanced notice and an earlier departure time. 


Prices do not include Mexico IVA tax of 16%

Go Fun Diving with Salty Endeavors!