Dive One

Site: Santa Rosa Wall
Max Depth: 75 feet
Dive Time: 48 minutes
Key Animals: 3 huge permit, wall of huge barrel sponges
Weather: Lower 80’s blue skies, another great day for diving!
Visibility: 100+
Water Temp: 80 degrees
Notes:  I had the chance to dive with the Jones family this morning. Yesterday they had requested Santa Rosa Wall for today, so that is where we headed. Currents were ideal pushing us gently along. We ducked inside the swim-throughs and circled the pillars before finishing the dive in the shallows with huge permits.

Dive Two

Site: Yucab
Max Depth: 53 feet
Dive Time: 54 minutes
Key Animals: Black grouper, eagle ray
Weather: Great day for diving
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 80 degrees
Notes:  For the second dive we once again had a perfect drift current. Early in the dive we spotted a massive black grouper just chilling underneath a ledge. As I was drifting away watching the Jones’family marvel at the grouper I watched an eagle ray come up from behind them. I decided to get the divers attention and showed them the eagle ray fast approaching. The ray bounced wide of us but thankfully no one chased after it as the circled ahead of us and turned back into the current looking right at us. We were able to drift with the beautiful ray for several minutes before the current finally separated us. Awesome!