Captain: Domingo
Divemaster / Instructor:
88 and sunny – feels like summer already
Water Temperature:
79 degrees

Dive One

Site: Palancar Horseshoe
Max Depth: 100 feet
Dive Time: 60 minutes
Key Animals: Eagle Ray, Hawksbill Turtle, Southern Stingray
Visibility: 100+ feet
Notes:  Last day of diving for David, Palancar is on the list, the horseshoe today, tall and wide coral formations, specially spectacular as we reach 100ft of water since the top of the reef is at only 25 feet, similar view of an underwater city of skyscrapers, David and me go through the U-shape cavern, the horseshoe, once we are out in the open water again the eagle ray shows up, magnificent! later a turtle dives to depth and at the end during the safety stop we see the southern sting ray, 5 minutes later we surface and David says, one of my top five dive in Cozumel, great dive!

Dive Two

Site: Santa Rosa Wall
Max Depth: 70 feet
Dive Time: 60 minutes
Key Animals: Splendid Toadfish, Barracuda
Visibility: 100+ feet
Notes: Santa Rosa wall is one of the signature dives in Cozumel, so we plan to do it as last dive of this trip for David , 32% nitrox help to complete the dive plan, Captain Domingo drop us right on the edge, straight descend to 70ft, as we drift along the wall, several groupers are swimming right next to us, 20 minutes later the swim-throughs are nice and we find a splendid toad fish in his house, i have seen this Cozumel endemic fish for at least one year in the same spot, nice to see you again buddy! one last swim-through takes us from 60ft to 40ft to end up in the shallow reef parallel to the wall, this area is full of barracudas, really like to see their shiny, long, silver body, David and Me signal ok at the safety stop to say good bye, see you in October.

Myliobatis aquila, but more commonly know by the name of Eagle Ray.