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I had the privilege of showing Faith and Sean, from Vermont, some of the best scuba diving Cozumel has to offer! Dive #1 was at “Montanas,” aka “the Mountains”, and I think we can safely say we reached the peak. Hopefully Sean will share some of the footage he shot to verify the list of what we saw: 4 spotted eagle rays, 3 octopuses, 2 nurse sharks, 1 hawksbill turtle, 1 green sea turtle, 1 green moray eel, multiple splendid toadfish, and the rest of the aquarium! Dive #2 was at Yucab Reef, where the current was beginning to pick up for the impending norte we expect for the next few days. A couple more turtles, a napping nurse shark, and a spotted scorpionfish were some high points. However, best find had to be the 2 pipefish tucked away in their beautiful coral mansion, fingers crossed Sean, got something to show us. Special thanks to our Boat Captain, Domingo, for keeping us safe, even as the weather conditions were changing quickly.

** Editor’s Note: Moving forward we will try to implement a Daily Dive Log from our staff, detailing the locations and dives we enjoy, allowing you to live vicariously through us while we are apart. No promises on how “daily” this occurs, and please be patient as we work out the kinks. Thanks!  🙂

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