Dive One

Site: San Francisco Wall
Max Depth: 60′
Dive Time: 42 Minutes
Key Animals: Nurse shark, peacock flounder, cubera snapper,
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Visibility: 80’+
Water Temp: 78 degrees
Notes:  It was overcast, but still a good day to show Mike (my Open Water Diver student), Lauren, Genevieve, Ryan, and Shawn (family on a cruise from AL) what beauty Cozumel has to offer. Special “Huaa!” to Shawn, a fellow service member with a fixed-wing background. We dropped in on a napping nurse shark, and let the drift lazily carry us along. I even found a weight pocket that fits my BCD as an extra bonus!

Dive Two

Site: Tormentos
Max Depth: 61′
Dive Time: 58 Minutes
Key Animals: Green sea turtle, nurse sharks, splendid toadfish, spotted scorpionfish, lesser electric ray
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Visibility: 80′ +
Water Temp: 78 degrees
Notes:  Congratulations, Mike, for completing your Open Water Diver course and joining our ranks! We ran the reef in reverse and saw most of Yucab as an encore. I found lead! It’s almost as valuable as gold…we also encountered a green sea turtle, spotted scorpionfish, lesser electric ray, and numerous others along the way. I hope our group enjoyed diving with us as much as we did. Hopefully we can do it again real soon. Stay Salty my friends!