Dive One

Site: Santa Rosa Shallows
Max Depth: 52′
Dive Time: 48 Minutes
Key Animals: Two spotted eagle rays, Peacock flounders
Weather: Sunny
Visibility: 100′ +
Water Temp: 78 degrees
Notes:  It was a perfect day to teach confined water, as well as the first two open water dives for, Wen, from Singapore. Ray took Preston and Will to the wall, while my student and I received a fly-by from some spotted eagle rays!

Dive Two

Site: Tormentos Reef
Max Depth: 58′
Dive Time: 56 Minutes
Key Animals: Midnight parrotfish, yellow stingray, great barracuda
Weather: Almost Paradise
Visibility: 100′ +
Water Temp: 80 degrees
Notes:  Current was very mild and visibility went on forever. Wen did great on the dives, spending the majority of the dives fine tuning his buoyancy skills. Wen should join the ranks of Open Water Diver tomorrow. It was nice to visit No Name Reef, and even further up from that. Even found a couple masks (one salvageable) and some assorted trash that had been churned up from the recent weather we’re having. Time to rest up for another Salty Endeavor!