Dive One

Site: Francesa Reef
Max Depth: 56 ft
Dive Time: 56 Minutes
Key Animals: Hawksbill turtle, Green moray
Weather: Sunny
Visibility: +80 ft
Water Temp: 80° F
Notes:  We spent the morning honing Wen’s buoyancy skills, while Ray took Preston out for some fun diving. Sunny and peaceful – almost like paradise!

Dive Two

Site: Punta Tunich
Max Depth: 66 ft
Dive Time: 62 Minutes
Key Animals: Peacock flounder, Hawksbill turtle
Weather: Sunny
Visibility: +100 ft
Water Temp: 79° F
Notes:  It was a great day to become a certified diver. Congratulations, Wen! We’ll keep the water warm and the viz good for you. Stay Salty, my friend!