Dive One

Site: Colombia Bricks
Max Depth: 75 feet
Dive Time: 51 minutes
Key Animals: Garden Eels, school of barracuda, blackcap basslets
Weather: Everything we love about Cozumel!
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 80 degrees
Notes:  After a week of diving with Preston his last day was upon us so I gave him the choice of where to go. He asked for Punta Sur but with Kumiko and Ben on board, both newer divers and the first day diving with me, we settled on Colombia Bricks which was a bit less deep. Colombia remains one of my favorite dive sites in all of Cozumel with it’s maze of swim-throughs combined with expansive white sand.

Dive Two

Site: Punta Tunich
Max Depth: 65 feet
Dive Time: 60 minutes
Key Animals: Green moray, glassy sweepers, sun anemone shrimp
Weather: Perfect ending for Preston
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 80 degrees
Notes:  Punta Tunich was Prestons last dive request, and it did us well. A moderate current (for Tunich) made it challenging for Preston to swim over to me when I wanted to show him a sun anemone shrimp, but I knew he hadn’t seen one before so I made sure he saw it. The green moray tucked inside the cave swarming with glassy sweepers was a hit with Ben.