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Dive One

Site: Palancar Gardens
Max Depth: 72′
Dive Time: 50 minutes
Key Animals: Spotted eagle ray, spotted scorpionfish
Weather: Windy
Visibility: +100′
Water Temp: 79°
Notes:  We had the privilege of taking Kumiko & Ben, Dave, Rick, George, and Bob out for a relaxing morning of diving. Special thanks to guys for their service! While the surface were a little kicked up, it was exceptionally calm underwater. We saw what may be one of the last spotted eagle rays for this season. We’ll look forward to their return later in the year!

Dive Two

Site: Montanes
Max Depth: 69′
Dive Time: 55 minutes
Key Animals: Nurse shark, green moray, green sea turtle, octopus
Weather: Windy
Visibility: +100′
Water Temp: 79° F
Notes:  Conditions underwater were normal and mild, with all the critters out and about.The energy was good and we had everyone back to catch their ship (or happy hour) on time. Stay salty my friends!

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