Dive One

Site: Palancar Bricks
Max Depth: 87 feet
Dive Time: 50 minutes
Key Animals: Blackcap Basslets, Queen Angels
Weather: It’s Cozumel!
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 79 degrees
Notes: We had a full boat today with the Parson group back on the boat plus Paige and Andie. Palancar Bricks delivered with minmimal current and clear water. Dropping into those deep crevasses always gives us the basslets to enjoy.

Dive Two

Site: Delilah
Max Depth: 61 feet
Dive Time: 61 minutes
Key Animals: Spotted Eagle Ray, Midnight Parrotfish
Weather: Blue skies and a light breeze
Visibility: 80-100 feet
Water Temp: 79 degrees
Notes:  Delilah is always a solid transition from Palancar. The long slow drift gave us an hour dive while getting to enjoy the likes of spotted eagle rays in the sand and midnight parrotfish munching on the reef. Fantastic colors on the reef today – but there always is at Delilah!