Captain: Miguel
Divemaster / Instructor:
Beautiful Caribbean Spring afternoon
Water Temperature:
78 degrees

Dive One

Site: San Francisco Wall
Max Depth: 40 feet
Dive Time: 40 minutes
Key Animals: Peacock Flounder, Spotted Scorpionfish, Southern stingray
Visibility: 100 feet
Notes:  I was dive 2 for Malcolm and Christian, so we kept it shallow for them. The current was moving quickly, but the students were comfortable. Between skills, we still found time check out some flounders, stingrays, and a scorpionfish.

Dive Two

Site: Tormentos
Max Depth: 46 feet
Dive Time: 49 minutes
Key Animals: Lobster, Chestnut eel, Barracuda
Visibility: Visibility
Notes: Continuing with the class for Malcolm and Christian. The guys have made great strides in their skills and bottom times.

Dasyatis americana, the Southern Stingray.