Dive One

Site: Colombia Normals
Max Depth: 86 feet
Dive Time: 47 minutes
Key Animals: Southern stingray, green moray, hogfish, garden eels, nurse shark
Weather: Fantastic!
Visibility: 100+ feet
Water Temp: 79 degrees
Notes:  It was my second day with the Stahl family and we had perfect dive conditions at Colombia. They seemed to enjoy the beauty of the reef as much as they did the aquatic life. Happy Birthday, Sean!

Dive Two

Site: Yucab Wall
Max Depth: 65 feet
Dive Time: 50 minutes
Key Animals: Bluespotted cornetfish, two chestnut moray eels, spotted eagle ray, splendid toadfish, French angelfish
Weather: Fantastic
Visibility: 80+ feet
Water Temp: 78 degrees
Notes:  We had the mildest current you could hope for and it gave us time to see many animals. However, we barely had enough time to watch a timid mutton snapper muster the courage to gobble up the lionfish I found for him. Stay Salty!