Dive One

Site: Palancar Caves
Max Depth: 90 feet
Dive Time: 48 minutes
Key Animals: Hawksbill turtle, southern stingray, great barracuda
Weather: Partly cloudy
Visibility: 80+ feet
Water Temp: 78° Fahrenheit / 25° Celsius
Notes:  Final day with the Stahl family, and we did our best to make it memorable. The swim-throughs and colors made for a perfect start.

Dive Two

Site: Punta Tunich
Max Depth: 65 feet
Dive Time: 44 minutes
Key Animals: Caribbean reef squid (six), octopus, permit
Weather: Partly cloudy
Visibility: 80+ feet
Water Temp: 78° Fahrenheit / 25° Celsius
Notes:  We dropped in and the drift took care of the rest. We saw numerous schools of juvenile fish, and stopped in to check out the “hole of 1,000 fishes”. A great cap to the week and get pumped for their next visit. Hopefully the Stahl family joins us again soon and we can show them some more great diving. Take care and stay Salty!