Captain: Shore dive
Divemaster / Instructor:
Perfect day for diving!
Water Temperature:
79 degrees

Dive One

Site: Las Casitas
Max Depth: 30 feet
Dive Time: 45 minutes
Key Animals: Scorpionfish, Yellowspot Stingray, Trumpetfish
Visibility: 80 – 100 feet
Notes:  First open water training dive, Mackenzie has have previous experience, for Riley this is the first one ever. We walked towards the ocean and it felt really nice, the couple are great divers so as soon as we started the dive we were looking for tiny stuff, a scorpion fish show, five minutes just looking at him, it is so beautiful, navigating above the sea grass bring us a spotted ray and once we made it to the concrete blocks a few trumpet fish were around, times runs fast so have to make the way back to the shore and practice compass navigation.

Dive Two

Site: Las Casitas
Max Depth: 30 feet
Dive Time: 40 minutes
Key Animals: Eagle Ray, Barracuda, juvenile French Angelfish
Visibility: 80 – 100 feet
Notes:  After practicing compass on land it is time to do it for real, underwater. Riley lead the first part of the dive, and when Mackenzie took the compass she found the eagle ray, awesome! Already heading back to the shore big barracuda shows up and we also found a nice brain coral that underneath had a juvenile french angel fish, pretty little guy. We end up the dive helping each other with the fins and gear to make the exit easier, all happy!

Pomacanthus paru, but more commonly know by the name of French Angelfish (juvenile coloration).