Captain: Domingo
Divemaster / Instructor:
Perfect day for diving!
Water Temperature:
79 degrees (where did my 80 go?)

Dive One

Site: Montanas
Max Depth: 50 feet
Dive Time: 45 minutes
Key Animals: Octopus with eggs, Nurse Shark
Visibility: Varying, 40 – 100+ feet
Notes:  There was just one goal on this dive and that was to capture some epic video of the mother octopus guarding her eggs. I took Cameron and his mother and Mike back with me, all of us with cameras at the ready. We spent over 20 minutes filming and photographing her, fighting a slight current doing so. Between the cameras and the swimming we all killed our air quickly – well all of us except for Bonnie! Once we said good-bye to the octopus we were immediately greeted by a nurse shark and later the largest barracuda I’ve seen in a long while. Great dive!

Dive Two

Site: Punta Tunich
Max Depth: 70 feet
Dive Time: 59 minutes
Key Animals: Huge Green Turtle, 3 Hawksbill turtles, Glassy sweepers
Visibility: 100+ feet
Notes:  We were all looking for a nice drift dive after spending dive one mostly swimming into the current. Punta Tunish was on deck and it didn’t disappoint. Soaring off the edge of the wall I immediately post a large hawksbill but as I try to point it out to the other divers they are getting my attention for a huge green turtle. Awesome! Ironic as we were just discussing turtle son the boat and I commented how the big females should be arriving soon to start laying their eggs resulting in my sightings for us of the greens and loggerheads. The cave, per usual, was filled with glassy sweepers and when Cameron penetrated the cave the sweepers began flooding out and filling my camera view. Thanks for the assist, Cameron!

Chelonia mydas, the Green Sea Turtle. Their shells are so beautiful!