Coming from Mainland

Coming to Cozumel from mainland Quintana Roo is not difficult, and can in fact be an enjoyable part of your experience. First we need you to get yourself to the Playa del Carmen ferry station. Your resort / hotel concierge should be able to assist with obtaining a taxi, but if not please contact us and we can arrange for a taxi pick-up. Before getting into the taxi you should agree or confirm the price. Tell the taxi driver you want to go to –

A la estacion de ferry de pasajeros de Playa del Carmen, la que cruza a cozumel

In case you do not speak Spanish, that translates to “To the passenger ferry in Playa del Carmen, the one that crosses to Cozumel.”

Once you exit the taxi you will need to walk roughly 100- 200 yards/meters to the ferry station where you can purchase your tickets. If you are coming from south of the ferry (Tulum, Akumal, etc.) you will likely be dropped off at yellow marks, but if you are coming from the north (Cancun, Puerto Morelas), you will probably get dropped at the red marks. We suggest using the Ultamar ferry, but there are two different ferry companies which make this crossing and both are reliable. Buy your tickets where the yellow and red lines merge. Both operators have offical ticket boothes at this location. Ferries depart hourly every day. First ferry departing Playa del Carmen is 8am and last ferry departing to Cozmel is 10pm. Last ferry departing from Cozumel is 9pm. 

Playa del carmen ferry map

Playa del Carmen Ferry Station

Please note: Salty Endeavors provides the maps and associated information from reference purposes only. It is possible that some conditions for use of the piers could have been updated by their respective owners unbeknownst to us, and thus we are providing outdated information. In the event you discover we are providing incorrect data we kindly ask that you report any new information to us using any of our contact options. Thank you for your understanding.

Once in Cozumel

After the ferry crosses to Cozumel you will need to take another taxi to our location. As you approach the main roadway (called Melgar Avenue) you should keep to your left (north) to get into the taxi line. Please pay close attention to where your final destination is located. If you are doing your Discover Scuba / try Scuba Program, we will need you to come to our classroom location. If you are on our dive boats, likely we have directed you to Aldora pier. Please refer to our email for your exact destination.