Secrets Aura

Actually belonging to Secrets Aura, this pier is used by guests staying at Secrets, Dreams, Sunscape, and Residencias Reef.

Secrets Aura has been changing their policies on pier use several times per year, and at times not enforcing any rules at all. However, Residencias Reef guests are allowed to use it for a $2 fee. This fee is paid for in the form of a bracelet which is supplied to you by the Residencias Reef community.  Secrets Aura guests please contact us for more details.Please contact us directly for the most up to date information. 

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Residencias Reef

Please note: Salty Endeavors provides the maps and associated information from reference purposes only. It is possible that some conditions for use of the piers could have been updated by their respective owners unbeknownst to us, and thus we are providing outdated information. In the event you discover we are providing incorrect data we kindly ask that you report any new information to us using any of our contact options. Thank you for your understanding.