New Buoyancy Compensators!

It took a patient 6 months of waiting for our new buoyancy compensators to be made, shipped, and clear customs, but they are finally here. Look at that BC – isn’t it sexy?!

But better than just looking good, these jackets are ultra-comfortable! EZ Glide buckles make adjusting straps a breeze using just one hand. With the addition of the sternum strap the diver can really cinch this unit tight, but quick releases on both shoulders, waist, and sternum allow for easy donning and duffing. We also added a hose-clip on either side of the buoyancy compensators. This allows the diver to keep their console and alternate second stage easily within reach, plus of course it prevents the console and alternate second stage from dragging and damaging our coral reefs.

These jackets are rear inflate models, meaning they will not squeeze your chest when fully inflated at the surface. The bladders are complete doughnuts, which translates to no trapped pockets of air causing your buoyancy to favor one side over another. The elastic bands at the rear assist with keeping the deflated bladder tucked and tight – ideal streamlining in Cozumel currents.

The double tank bands ensure the tank is always securely fasten to the buoyancy compensators, and also making height adjust a snap to help avoid a regulator first stage from knocking you in your head. Not pictured are the rubber back mounts to stop the cylinder from sliding out, and new non-ditch-able trim weight pockets we have added to the top tank band.

The weight pockets hold up to 10 pounds per side, are easily added to by unzipping the top of the pocket, and are ditched by pulling the grey strap.

Here is the pocket with the weights “ditched.” We love the design because they are very difficult for a diver to accidentally drop weights. No pockets to snap or buckle in, get caught on other straps and pulled free, etc. These weights only drop when the diver intends to do so, and is easily completed in the event of an emergency. When you combine these weight pockets with our rear-top tank band trim weight pockets you have the ultimate in weight management to ensure you are perfectly balanced on every dive. Best of all – no belts!

When we ordered these jackets originally it was our desire to put together buoyancy compensators which would be so comfortable that divers would consider leaving their personal BC at home. We believe we have accomplished that goal.