Five Ways a Scuba Certification Can Enhance Your Overall Diving Experience 

Scuba diving is one of life’s greatest adventures, and if you’re interested in learning more and exploring further, a scuba certification may be a worthy investment. If you’re ready to take your diving experience to the next level, consider these five benefits to getting a scuba certification: 

  • You have easy diving access
    • Being a certified scuba diver means you will have easy access to professional dive shops, where you can rent scuba air fills so you can enjoy local diving.
    • Booking dive tours that require prior training will also be easier if you already have your certification.
  •  You can explore more than non-certified divers
    • Certified scuba divers are able to explore aquatic areas that are restricted to those who do not have a certification. You can explore deeper waters and more sites. You often have more time to explore than amateur divers as well, since you will not have had to sit through training or practice sessions.
    • You will also have more autonomy with your dives. As a certified diver, you can explore with your dive buddy, with groups or with an instructor who can guide you through new territory.
  • You will have more knowledge of sights and diving safety
    • A scuba certification means you’ll have had plenty of knowledge and practice with scuba technique. You’ll learn:
      • How to put on and remove scuba gear, ensuring safety.
      • The name and function of each piece of diving equipment.
      • Different hand signals, ear clearing, safety precautions and what to expect.
      • How scuba divers can help protect the ocean
      • Knowing these basics can make diving much more enjoyable, as you won’t be fumbling with your gear and wondering how to communicate with your team while underwater.
  • You will qualify for advanced courses
    • Once you are certified at the basic level, you’ll be eligible for more advanced scuba diving specialty and safety courses. Remember, the entry level of scuba diving is just he beginning of your scuba education.
    • Advanced courses involve understanding the physiology and physics of diving, as well as skills and equipment. Courses range from CPR and rescue skills to diving with sharks, exploring sunken ships, cave diving and night diving. If diving is something you’d like to invest your life in, the training possibilities are endless.
  • You can teach others the beauty of diving
    • If you’ve decided to pursue diving in any professional capacity, you have the opportunity to teach your family and friends, or become a certified scuba instructor.

Sharing the beauty of diving and exploring the ocean with others can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. You’ll be able to guide others through a journey that connects them more closely with the world around them and the marine life that they otherwise would not discover.

These are only a few of the reasons a scuba certification can enhance the diving experience. If you are interested in taking your diving a bit further, find the scuba certification program that’s right for you.

Editors Note: Thanks to James Donaldson for submitting this blog – his first with Salty Endeavors. James Donaldson is an avid scuba diver and loves to share his tips and tricks with other divers. He’s traveled most of the U.S. and other parts of the world in search of the best dive spots.