In the old south harbor know as “Caletta” there is a very easily accessible cenote. Known as Cenote Aerolito de Paraiso, most divers walk or drive past this cenote with little attention. That’s a shame because this cenote has much treasure to be enjoyed if you are up for the adventure and have the skills.

Cennote Aerolito

The cenote can be a photographers pleasure for hours.

Cenote Aerolito is one of 18 cenotes found on the island of Cozumel. Many are inaccessible, but Aerolito comes with a drive up parking lot.

Cennote Aerolito

Be careful where you walk as some of the rocks can be slippery.

It makes for a great stop of about 30 minutes to explore the natural preserve. There are many butterflies milling about, and birds can be heard in the dense woods surrounding the water.

Cennote Aerolito

Tight-rope walk the edge looking down into crystal clear water.

You can walk virtually ll the way around the cenote, but do watch your step. Pictured above is the entrance to the cave – if you are a cave-certified SCUBA Diver.

Cennote Aerolito

Several little pockets of photography angels waiting to be discovered.


Cennote Aerolito

This is a favorite resting spot for one of the more popular residents.


Cennote Aerolito

Is that kind of like an armadillo?

There is good reason this sign is posted at the entrance.


They certainly linger about, but thankfully they are not aggressive.

Such chill animals. They just sit and watch. Probably thinking of ways to capture us.


Cennote Aerolito

You can nearly walk right up to them and snatch a selfie. But my recommendation is you do not try.


Cennote Aerolito

Looks like a full belly to me.


Cennote Aerolito

So yeah, keep your head on a swivel as you wander through the trails. You never know who is watching you!


As we do like to SCUBA dive this cenote the crocodiles can pose a little bit of a problem. We’ve found a good way to counteract this potential hazard, however. We feed them before we get in the water of course!


Okay so that is sarcasm. We do not feed them before we climb into the water to go diving. The truth is one one particular day I was showing the cenote to some friends and we happened across this local feeding the resident crocodiles. I do not suggest those of you visiting give this a try. I also do not know if this is a regular thing for this local, so be careful just in cas the crocodiles associate you with being fed.

I wasn’t joking about SCUBA diving the cenote, however. This cenote is STELLAR. What else that is stellar is this video clip some divers made of them going into the cave. When you are standing on the edge of the stone watching the water bubble out and you can see what appears to be an entrance in the wall, know that this is the world that lays below your feet. Simply… incredible!

Cenote Aerolito de Paraiso