Do you have questions about the COVID testing in Cozumel? I have put together this brief summary to help ease your concerns.

Covid Testing in Cozumel – Info

Beginning on January 26, 2021 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will require a NEGATIVE test result for COVID-19 before allowing you to board your departing plane. As you may imagine we have already been receiving many phone calls and emails from concerned divers about how this will impact your vacation. Worry not bubble blowers, Cozumel is well prepared for this mandate. Covid testing in Cozumel is readily available.

At the time of writing (January 14, 2021), beginning January 26, 2021, all flights arriving to the USA (even if just a short layover), you will be required to present documentation of a negative NAAT / PCR test, or an antigen test. If your flight lands in Canada, you are currently required to show a negative test result from either a PCR or a LAMP test. These Covid tests in Cozumel must be conducted within 72 hours or less of your arrival.

To help make this easier for you, we have compiled all the information you may need about Covid testing in Cozumel.  Please note I have attached a Google Maps at the bottom of this blog which includes a PIN for each testing facility. Locations listed in alphabetical order. There may be more facilities, but these are the prominent locations of Cozumel.

Covid Testing in Cozumel – Locations


 AmeriMed Hospital

Call 987-872-5555 for an appointment.

  • NAAT/PCR (Nasal Swab) is 2850 peso (about $150 USD).  Results in 24 hours.
  • Rapid Antibody (IgI/IgM) Test is 800 peso (about $40 USD).  Results in 3 hours.


Costamed (CMC)

Call 800-900-1133 for an appointment.

  • Rapid Antigen Test is 999 peso (about $50 US). Results the same day.
  • NAAT/PCR (Nasal Swab) is 2499 peso (about $125 US).  Results 24-48 hrs.
  • Rapid Blood Test is 799 peso (about $40 US).  Results the same day.

Please note for an additional 500 peso (about $25 USD) a technician can come to your hotel/resort/AirBnB to conduct the Covid test(s).


Farmacias del Ahorro

This is a local pharmacy with many locations (see map below). No appointment is necessary.

  • Rapid Antigen Test is 347 peso (about $17 USD). Results usually 15 – 30 minutes.


International Hospital

Call 987-872-1430 for an appointment.

  • NAAT/PCR (Nasal Swab) is 2400 peso (about $120 USD).  Results in 2 days.


Laclicsa Labrtorios

Call 997-116-7405 for an appointment.

  • NAAT/PCR (Nasal Swab) is 2695 peso (about $135 USD).  Results in 2 days.

Please note for additional fees a technician can come to your hotel/resort/AirBnB to conduct the Covid test(s).

For more information view this link.


San Miguel Hospital 

Call 987-872-0103 for an appointment.

  • Rapid Antigen Test is 799 peso (about $40 USD).  Results in 20 minutes.


I’d like to note that Covid numbers in Cozumel remain quite low (knocking on wood). You can see from the image below that Cozumel has had a total of 554 positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic in January 2020. For per capita comparison, Cozumel has approximately 100,000 residents (5.45 positive tests per 1,000 people). For comparison sake, on the same date, Vermont has the lowest positive tests per 100,000 residents in the USA at 1,482 people (14.82 positive tests per 1,000 people). North Dakota would be the highest per capita numbers in the USA at 12,462 positive tests for 100,000 people (or 124.62 per 1,000 people). Very clearly Cozumel is doing extremely well in its battle with Covid-19. Keep in mind the island has also been open to international tourism since June 2020.

The image below is updated each Thursday afternoon. For the most current version, you can check this link. For the per capita comparison with all 50 US states, please check this link.


Covid Testing in Cozumel Historical Numbers

Costamed Hospital

Amerimed Hospital

International Hospital

San Miguel Hospital

Farmacias del Ahorro 1

Farmacias del Ahorro 2

Farmacias del Ahorro 3

Laclicsa Laboratorios