Captain: Domingo
Divemaster / Instructor:
Mixed rain and sun
Water Temperature:
79 degrees

Dive One

Site: Colombia
Max Depth: 70 feet
Dive Time: 45 minutes
Key Animals: Frogfish!! Hawksbill and Green Turtles
Visibility: 100+ feet
Notes:  Riley and Mackenzie’s first dive as certified divers, Jenny descends along with me, Will and friends are taking pictures, very fun to dive this way, it was a turtle we follow for a few minutes the after the swim through, it was this tiny frogfish, unbelievable! i have a video as proof (editors note: video will appear in a future blog once Ray shares it with me), at the end in the 40ft area horse eye jack appears, nice dive!

Dive Two

Site: Santa Rosa Wall
Max Depth: 60 feet
Dive Time: 50 minutes
Key Animals: two Hawksbill turtles, two Splendid Toadfish, Spotted Moray
Visibility: 100+ feet
Notes:  Jenny suggested Santa Rosa as second dive today, it was an excellent idea, the sun light right on the wall, two turtles were eating together, then after the swim through, two toadfish were together, towards the end Will saw the spotted eel, pictures, smiles, we all enjoyed this dive.

Dive Three

Site: Yucab Reef
Max Depth: 50 feet
Dive Time: 50 minutes
Key Animals: Caribbean octopus, Green turtle, Squid, String of Pearls
Visibility: Torch light
Notes:  We started the dive with just a bit of sunlight, 5 minutes into the dive and it was dark. Soon the octopus starts crawling, changing color, that is cool, an green turtle was seating on the coral quiet and waiting for us. Later the squids in mid-water, also we turn the lights off for a minute, it was really nice when we turned the lights off to see the plankton glowing!

Chelonia mydas, but more commonly know by the name of a Green Sea Turtle. This one always hangs around the boats near Colombia Reef.