Captain: Domingo
Divemaster / Instructor:
Perfect day for diving!
Water Temperature:
80 degrees

Dive One

Site: Caracolillo
Max Depth: 100 feet
Dive Time: 50 minutes
Key Animals: Nurse Shark, Blacktip Shark
Visibility: 100+ feet
Notes:  With advanced divers Caracolillo dive site is always good We reach 100ft and the wall is amazing – lobsters and other creatures live under the shelves, we also found a shark, small, but really pretty, we need to cross the flat sandy area to find the shallower part of the reef and spend the second half there. Many barracudas among other fish show up there, pretty!

Dive Two

Site: Punta Tunich
Max Depth: 60 feet
Dive Time: 60 minutes
Key Animals: Nurse shark, octopus, lionfish
Visibility: 100+ feet
Notes:  We quickly descend to find the wall – the landscape is awesome! Mike finds a lion fish and I quickly eliminate it. The shark is interested! Henry has the video. Shortly after we see this octopus hiding in a hole. I saw a few shells together and I wondered is there one inside? Yes it was! At the end of the dive we find the first loggerhead and take a couple of pictures. Love those big guys!

Caretta caretta, but more commonly know by the name of Loggerhead Turtle. Personally, I like to call them a dinosaur.