Salty Endeavors’ New Boat Logo

Our original intent was to purchase the boat and company near the start of slow season, essentially around June/July, and get it re-branded Salty Endeavors as soon as possible. Ultimately this would give us several months to “smooth out the edges,” if you will, and be ready for the upcoming season. However, reality was that the contract became official in December, which is the beginning of high season. The result was operating as the boat is / was through high season as best we could and then worry about the details once the first slow season came around.

Salty Endeavors

As we are starting to enter slow season we are starting to cross off the list of “to do” items. An easy one to get to was redoing the logo on top of the boat’s roof. The old fiberglass roof was more than serviceable, but we wanted to get some company artwork up there and begin erasing the old company affiliation.

Salty Endeavors

And so began the process of repainting the roof and getting the logo on it. Thankfully Captain Felipe is Mayan in genetics and had no problem working on top of our roof! I, on the other hand, stayed feet firmly planted on the concrete pier, as I clearly lack Mayan ancestry.

Salty Endeavors

One of my longtime friends, Erik, was visiting while we were doing this. Actually Erik was part inspiration on completing this task as he arrived with his drone ready to capture some aerial video. <gasp!> We couldn’t let him do that with the old company logo up there now could we?!

Salty Endeavors

With the roof painted it became time to apply the logo. I get my logos printed locally at Grafico Cinco and Willy does a great job with them, but he’s not exactly Mayan sized either. So it was up to Felipe, Vicky and Erik to get the logo up top.

Salty Endeavors

I’ll need to change some of the lettering as I prefer to see a different font for the slogan, but overall one must be very happy with the result. The first step of many of remodeling the boat is now complete, sorta. We have a long road ahead, but for now have a look…

Salty Endeavors

How about some 1080p drone aerial video of the new logo? You may wish to go full screen for this 🙂

Stay tuned for a lot more aerial video coming from Erik over the reefs of Cozumel.


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