This is a continuation of the PangeaSeed Sea Walls mural project completed in July 2015. If this is the first you are seeing of this on our blog might I suggest you start from page one.

26. Another one that was super hard to photograph due to trees, buildings, awnings…

Interesting mural, though again, can’t say I get what the artist was going for here. 


27. Big fan of this one. I could be wrong but I think it was painted onto a residence. It was primarily along the ground level security wall, but this section extended up onto the second floor of the structure behind the wall. Good stuff!


This on part on the fence, part on a home. How cool would it be to have a mural like this on your home?


Just a really well done piece of art.


An attempt at a full view.

28. So I’m not really sure what to make of this one…


But it’s kind of neat. At least it gets you thinking.


The signature exists around the corner from the mural.


29. Tough choice between this one and number 29 as my favorite for this edition. Both are so well done.


A beautiful use of color and detail.


A brief continuation. Grab a beer and enjoy the beachfront view while at this location.


30. This is fun…

…in an odd yet interesting way about it.

Thanks for viewing the this edition of the PangaeSeed Sea Walls. More to come…

Mural #26

Mural #27

Mural #28

Mural #29

Mural #30